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Bile salt in a sentence

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Similar words: table saltdesaltdesaltingabove the saltwholesalewholesalerjumble salesales agentMeaning: n. a salt of bile acid and a base; functions as an emulsifier of lipids and fatty acids. 
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1. Bile salt and peptides were measured in molar concentrations.
2. This mechanism might facilitate bile salt absorption into the enterohepatic circulation by slowing intestinal transit time.
3. Similar amounts of bile salts did not prolong the nucleation time.
4. Attempts to measure bile salts directly by continuous aspiration have produced conflicting results.
5. It has been reported that gastric infusion of bile salts in rats delays gastric emptying and inhibits small bowel transit time.
6. Aggressive factors include gastric juice and bile salts which can reflux back into the stomach.
7. Studies in rats have shown that bile salts inhibit gastric emptying and prolongs intestinal transit time.
8. It is therefore not unreasonable to propose that bile salts might be the inhibitory component in the venous effluent.
9. The release of colonic regulatory peptides by bile salts does make physiological sense.
10. Bile tolerance, deconjugation of conjugated bile salt (sodium taurocholate), and cholesterol- assimilating ability of 8 strains from Lactobacillus plantarum were examined.
11. Type 2 inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor modulates bile salt export pump activity in rat hepatocytes.
12. Physiological characteristics and molecular biological information of bile salt hydrolase are reviewed in this paper, which will provide a reference for future studies.
13. Under optimization conditions, the vires of bile salt hydrolase was enhanced to 7.4 times.
14. In optimization conditions, the vires of bile salt hydrolase is 11.84 times before optimize.
15. Second, secretion of bile salt and phosphatidylcholine is decreased.
16. Lecithin and bile salt shortage has led to imbalance, resulting in the formation of stones.
17. S. thermophilus was tolerant to the bile salt environment in human intestine and survived in its specific site.
18. In addition, lipoamidase in intestinal environments containing bile salt makes it stabilized and resists to digestive enzymes.
19. Furthermore, the higher concentrations used in this study reflect total bile salt concentrations in human colon.
20. The dynamic changes of the plasma and the tissue lipidpcroxidant(LPO) in the rats with experimental acute necro—hemorrhagic pancreatitis induced by bile salt and trypsin were observed.
21. It is reported that MRP 2 is related with secretion of bile salt.
22. In the fourth section, effects of gastrointestinal factors (low pH, bile salt and pepsin) on the survival of strain L5 and L7,( and the heat tolerance of strain L5 were studied.
23. Some biological characteristics such as the tolerance to acidity, bile salt and antibiotic of Lacto-bacillus acidophilus LAJ90 was studied by using MRS medium.
24. Studies on the tolerability of traditional yogurt strains to gastric acid and bile salt are very important to evaluate probiotic strains in yogurt.
25. Because of the presence of a large amount of biosurfactants ( for example , bile salt. ) in the organism.
26. Model bile is mainly composed by lecithin, cholesterol and bile salt, which form various sizes of vesicles, micro-emulsions, and micelles.
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