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Big toe in a sentence

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Sentence count:40+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-08-20Updated:2017-08-20
Similar words: toetoestiptoemistletoetoe the linedown-to-earthmosquitoescome into effectMeaning: n. the first largest innermost toe. random good picture
1. The shoe pressed painfully against her big toe.
2. I hurt my big toe kicking the door.
3. On my right foot the pad of my big toe and the tips of all my other toes were four thickness burns.
4. Leave about half an inch between your big toe and the end of the shoe.
5. Learning to use and place your big toe effectively and precisely is the goal.
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6. Ingrown toenails usually occur in the big toe.
7. Tom's big toe is showing through a hole in his sock.
8. Then you've already lost your big toe.
9. Does small painful band nod my big toe root urticant what reason?
10. How does cure restore big toe fracture fast?
11. I will shave the hairs off my big toe.
12. Getting smaller from the big toe , my gaze followed down to the little toe which I felt like nibbling on then and there but managed to contain myself.
13. A crab grabbed my big toe.
14. I think my big toe is broken.
15. " A big toe of her can crush Woods to death", the butterfly fish said.
16. A bony bump at the base of the big toe, a bunion causes that toe to deviate toward the others.
17. His big toe was poking through his stocking.
18. Does the state of affairs include the existence of the tutor's big toe or not?
19. She's misjudged the weight of the chromium door and crushed her big toe.
20. I lost the tips of three toes on my left foot and the whole pad of my big toe.
21. If you want to survive, you shivering ninny, you might as well shoot off your big toe.
22. His right pant leg was rolled up to the knee, and on the end of his big toe was a plastic weight from his dad's weightlifting set. Every second or so, Hayden flexed his toe up, then down.
23. In the forefoot, look for nail changes and skin rashes. Look for the alignment of the toes, and any evidence of hallux valgus of the big toe.
24. Many Japanese, including shiatsu experts, claim that separating the big toe from the second toe increases circulation.
25. Jerry Douthett, 48, woke up on a Saturday night in late July in his Rockford, Michigan home to find his Jack Russell Terrier, Kiko, had gnawed off his right big toe.
26. The most common site is the Base of the Big toe.
27. We knew by working the plantar surface of the big toe you could make someone constipated.
28. If skiers can traverse a slope on both the little toe edge side of the uphill and the big toe edge side of the downhill ski; they can ski with parallel movements.
29. It was a West India gherkin, Grandma told me later. Folks around here called them "big toe" pickles because they grew short and stubby, just like a lot of people's big toes.
30. High-heeled shoes also triggered widespread hallux valgus, so that the big toe joint swelling and inflammation of the Department.
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