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Berserk in a sentence

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Sentence count:45+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-20Updated:2017-03-20
Synonym: amokamuckberserkerdemoniacdemoniacalpossessedSimilar words: intersperseper senurseryversetersejerseyoverseeaverseMeaning: [bə'sɜːk] n. one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury. adj. in a murderous frenzy as if possessed by a demon. random good picture
1, My husband will go berserk if he finds you here.
2, When I saw him I went berserk.
3, He went berserk when he found out where I'd been.
4, Dad went berserk when he found out.
5, The dog went berserk and mauled one of the girls.
6, I completely lost it. I went mad, berserk.
7, Turn down your radio. Don't send berserk me.
8, The dog went berserk when a wasp stung him.
9, Toos threw unending series of berserk punches, ignoring incoming rounds as if they were raindrops on a pleasant spring day.
10, He is capable of cold-blooded or berserk courage in desperate moments yet is constantly afraid of being cowardly.
11, The man went berserk, smashed a side window and climbed on to the roof of the moving vehicle, police said.
12, He wasn't proud of the ability to go berserk because it meant loss of control.
13, Converse was commencing another glide when Smitty went berserk.
14, Boateng went berserk,[] ripping Johnson's shirt in a nasty scrap.
15, His great dragon Nightfang went berserk and slaughtered many Dark Elves and their slave troops.
16, She went berserk and began shouting at everybody on the platform.
17, He knew that in this berserk state those horns could open him up like a ripe melon.
18, The guy just went totally berserk and started hitting me.
19, But how can our uppermost tier go so berserk?
20, But eight days after this fire went berserk, there are no serious injuries.
21, He tossed back his head in a howl of berserk laughter.
22, Men like to zap the TV channels, something that can drive certain women berserk.
23, She's probably lived such a repressed life she goes berserk when she comes out to the West Indies.
24, No, I was a sort of insane ghetto personality who got off on the written word(, and went berserk.
25, But then Munter goes over the edge, sounding like a Weight Watchers leader gone berserk.
26, He offered to show me, but Alain nearly went berserk and then we got interrupted.
27, He just saw me as the guy who woke him up and sent him berserk.
28, On the table in the front of the room was a telephone, which rang whenever the bond market went berserk.
29, When they tried to arrest him, he suddenly went berserk.
30, When employees are armed with legal knowledge, a gun - toting boss will think twice before going berserk.
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