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Belch in a sentence

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Sentence count:40+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-22Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: belchingbubbleburpburpingeructeructationeruptextravasateSimilar words: wheelchairwelcomepulchritudebeltbelllibellabelbelowMeaning: [beltʃ] n. a reflex that expels wind noisily from the stomach through the mouth. v. 1. expel gas from the stomach 2. become active and spew forth lava and rocks. 
1. Plant chimneys belch out dense smoke.
2. The baby let out a loud, satisfied belch.
3. He drank and stifled a belch.
4. He sat back and gave a loud belch.
5. Suddenly, clouds of steam started to belch from the engine.
6. The same effect occurs in cattle, though cattle belch out surplus methane.
7. Cucumber makes me belch.
8. The exhaust manifold gave an explosive belch and went silent.
9. He gave a loud belch.
10. At last he finished[], gave a loud belch and wiped his greasy fingers and mouth on the hem of his ermine-lined cloak.
11. Distant rolls of thunder belch ominously.
12. Witnesses saw the jet belch smoke before it exploded into pieces.
13. Chimneys belch out smoke.
14. Flames belch from the wreckage, degenerate human beings scrabble for survival, the screen is dark and the aspect brooding.
15. Would-be lovers belch or hiccup at decisive moments.
16. Varney said,[] pushing out a single airy belch of laughter.
17. With a triumphant belch, the train came to a stop and soon from a first-class carriage the beloved figure emerged.
18. As they moved nearer, Nuadu felt the heat belch out.
19. He let out a belch . The gin was rising from his stomach.
20. Belch [ midriff flesh convulsion ] the swiftest treatment method?
21. He's making a belch. Give him more clothes to make him warm.
22. What does old belch have to affect to the stomach?
23. It is not proper to belch out so loudly.
24. Often the person of belch, heartburn belongs to key crowd.
25. After all, it wasn't that long ago that it was quite acceptable to belch smoke over the countryside.
26. From his first supper at New Street Uncle Hal insisted on the life-prolonging benefits of a good after-supper belch.
27. Grant cuts the engine to listen for clues. Distant rolls of thunder belch ominously.
28. We're used to the sharp cracks of lightning and the belch of thunder issuing from the belly of the sky.
29. Soon you shall hear and feel the belly of this planet roar, hiccup belch and spew.
30. Most patient is without a symptom, if semiotic much performance is meal hind full bilge, ache of belch, anorexia, disgusting, epigastrium is unwell, or angular, anaemic , glossitis, diarrhoea.
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