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Be fond of in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2016-11-07Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: beforecome beforebefore longlong beforekind ofrondodemand ofround off random good picture
1. Anne was fond of Tim, though he often annoyed her.
2. Boys are fond of playing football.
3. He is fond of using high - sounding phrases.
4. Many people are fond of French cheeses.
5. He is fond of rambling among the trees.
6. I am fond of classic music.
7. The girl is fond of shirts laced with silver.
8. My brother is fond of pointing out my mistakes.
9. He was fond of rapping with men of his age.
10. They are fond of playing volleyball.
11. She was fond of pansying up.
12. Some people are fond of betting.
13. She is fond of collecting rare carpets.
14. My brother is fond of study.
15. I've always been fond of poetry and one piece has always stuck in my mind.
16. He is fond of retracing the experiences of his youth.
17. I am fond of mushrooms.
18. He is fond of retailing the news.
19. She was fond of banging out.
20. Adults are fond of telling children that their years at school are the best days of their life.
21. But I believe you would be fond of him if he looked like your camel.
22. Trina professed to be fond of art.
23. Make Japanese be fond of the regret China most 6 big giant star!
24. Be fond of the flat area that grows in sunny[sentence dictionary], warmth.
25. Others may be fond of titles and honours, but I am not.
26. Broad - leaved epiphyllum produces Mexico formerly, be fond of the environment of half shade, warm moisture.
27. What method can treat 3 fork nerve to be fond of A?
28. I think my wife must be fond of them.
29. Be fond of the Chinese Su dish, Sichuan dish, Guangdong dish.
30. Do you ask me to express me which part performance to be fond of most?
More similar words: beforecome beforebefore longlong beforekind ofrondodemand ofround offcondoneby the end ofat the end ofif onlybefuddlebe full ofbefuddleddo forcome forcare fordie forreformbe familiar withbondget rid ofget hold ofahead ofa load oftake forthereforesave formake for
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