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Be distinct from in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2018-08-10Updated:2018-08-10
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1. Silk is distinct from rayon in every respect.
2. In this sense visionary leadership is distinct from theatre.
3. The handsome sushi bar is distinct from most; the high chairs put diners face to face with the
4. Fortitude is distinct from valor.
5. Managers below the chief executive level are distinct from the business class itself.
6. Fortitude is distinct from valour.
7. The family patron saints men feel drawn to are distinct from those chosen by women.
8. That is. factors which cause supply to shift are distinct from factors which shift the demand curve.
9. Gold is distinct from iron.
10. But both of these are distinct from intellectual, abstract or contemplative wisdom which was, for Aristotle, the highest goal.
11. This phenomenon is distinct from onomatopoeia - it is sometimes called sound symbolism: there is no question of auditory resemblance.
12. The doctrine of manifest destiny was distinct from the imperialist dynamic that flourished around the turn of the century.
13. At the same time, its existence as an element depends on its being distinct from other elements.
14. The technology of military aircraft is distinct from the civilian variety.
15. These new devices appear to be distinct from electronic readers such as Inc's Kindle, which are best used for books and periodicals and have little multimedia functionality.
16. In every way, Israel was to be distinct from the ungodly, reflecting their peculiar sanctity to the Lord their God.
17. "It proved to be distinct from every known wild species of yeast, but was 99.5 percent identical to the non-ale yeast portion of the lager genome," said Hittinger.
18. Record should be distinct from the red Fastext button.
19. He sought a word that would be distinct from sympathy, which can be felt for the general plight of another with no sharing whatever of what that other person is feeling.
20. The civil liability in Commercial Instrument Law shall be distinct from bill liability in normal law.
21. These titles must be distinct from any other section titles.
22. This is a mistake because, for better or worse, your business process should be distinct from your competitors'.
23. Not like other online casinos , it veers away from the going practice of trying to be distinct from the rest.
24. The space division multiple access (SDMA) is introduced, and users can be distinct from each other through their special location.
25. You walk this path as others walk, nor do you seem to be distinct from them, although you are indeed.
26. It is intended that documents that specify particular messages, such as example interaction scenarios, be distinct from the documents that specify schemas for standardized message types.
27. In view of the peculiar characteristics of Chinese soft news, the C-E translation of soft news should be distinct from the translation of other genres.
28. But, like my father and my grandmother, I never considered myself to be distinct from other people simply because I could not hear well.
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