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Be common to in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2018-08-09Updated:2018-08-09
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1. These rocks are common to certain climate environments.
2. It is common to ask for the equivalent of a month's rent as a deposit.
3. Such behaviour is common to all young people.
4. This attitude is common to most young men in the armed services.
5. A fruity quality is common to all wine made from this grape.
6. This feeling of desperation and helplessness was common to most of the refugees.
7. Certain desires are common to all men.
8. These problems are common to all societies.
9. Procedure Certain procedural rules are common to all applications under the Children Act 1989.
10. The theme of the family is common to all Engle's novels.
11. These problems are common to all big cities.
12. The hero and the villain, of course, are common to both, but their personal characteristics may differ greatly.
13. An object can of course be common to several use cases.
14. Making jam and alcohol seems to be common to virtually all people living alongside these trees.
15. While it may be common to hear the phrase ODBC driver, it is not exactly the same as the term ODBC API (and shouldn't be construed as such).
16. Yet certain stages of growth should be common to all believers.
17. This indication may be common to several macroblocks.
18. Some of the project tasks will be common to all project teams, while others will be specific to each team.
19. The brain protein contains a unique combination of domains, small functional chunks of protein sequence that may be common to other proteins as well.
19. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
20. All we can hope to do is classify into groups and study behavior which we believed to be common to all members of the groups, and this means abstracting the general from the particular.
21. Generic space provides information that is abstract enough to be common to both the inputs.
22. Cross-Languages skills would be essential as we would translate from one language to the other, so at least English should be common to everyone.
23. Thoughmost of the molecular machinery that's used in regeneration has beenshown to be common to all multicelled animals, some machinery differs.
24. If I regard the life as easy, everything will be common to me.
25. The order provided by a higher power or karma is thought to be common to almost all religions.
26. Since the BJT is a three-terminal device, one of the three terminals is permitted to be common to the input and output ports, and the other two terminals are each uniquely associated with each port.
27. Once you become famous, the public cannot tolerate any spot on you. Though some spot may be common to average people, it may be fatal to celebrities.
28. The functions encoded by essential genes are considered a foundation of life and therefore are likely to be common to all cells.
29. Medical Research Council, suggested the link between height and cancer risk seems to be common to many types of cancer and in people from different regions of the world.
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