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Barrow in a sentence

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Similar words: arrownarrowharrowsparrowharrowingbarrelbarrierborrowMeaning: ['bærəʊ] n. 1. the quantity that a barrow will hold 2. (archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs 3. a cart for carrying small loads; has handles and one or more wheels. random good picture
1. Barrow was positively obsequious to me until he learnt that I too was the son of a labouring man.
2. I usually dig in a small barrow load of compost in late summer.
3. Would you rather push the barrow or pull it?
4. The old man lifted the barrow and trundled it away.
5. Barrow had an inquisitive nature.
6. Although a barrow boy at heart, he had a yen for the finer things in life.
7. Press the legs of the barrow into the sand but keep the wheel on the road so that it doesn't get stuck.
8. He awoke several hours later to find Barrow slumped in a chair by his bedside, soft snoring noises droning from him.
9. And talking of supporters, you'd better lock your barrow.
10. What are the educational issues in Barrow?
11. The pixies clustered around the walls of the barrow turned their eyes to their Kelda.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. At the time of his writing Barrow was a hamlet popular for bathers and with two large inns.
13. He says that being at Barrow Wake does bring back bad memories.
14. Typical occupations were street sweepers, barrow boys, forklift-loader drivers, or labourers.
15. And what of the biggest barrow in the world?
16. Those who remembered him with his barrow recalled a cheerful, toothy smile, an infectious, confidence-inspiring laugh.
17. I bet Barrow was choked, he smiled to himself as he emptied stale tea leaves from the pot into the sink.
18. Barrow was on his hands and knees on the floor, blood oozing from a wound in his scalp.
19. A young man was bending low to push a heavily loaded barrow up a slope.
20. The plane was taking the family to the tiny village of Wainwright, 90 miles southwest of Barrow.
21. Mungo closed his eyes, summoning back the image he had tried to capture in the barrow.
22. Father Luke pedalled backwards in the direction of Whitechapel's parish church and fell over the barrow.
23. If the amount of acceleration depends on how hard you push and how heavy the barrow is.
24. Through the trees I could see a man pushing a barrow along the drive.
25. Chamfer's easy confidence, and benign but firm manner, had often kept the peace in the Westside and Barrow Vale.
26. Also of note are the cancer deaths among young adults in the districts of Copeland, Barrow and South Lakeland.
27. Which was a waste of time really, because all I wanted to do was join Granpa on the barrow.
28. From M T Woodcraft, a full-sized and fully working barrow in iroko costs £134.
29. That's why they built the cemetery up close to the workhouse, so they could take them over on a barrow.
30. The porter took a tip from Stephen, touched his cap and wheeled his barrow away.
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