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Barish in a sentence

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Sentence count:14Posted:2018-09-12Updated:2018-09-12
Similar words: barbarismparishgarishbearishgarishlysquarishparishionerbearishnessMeaning: n. Kamarupan languages spoken in the state of Assam in northeastern India. 
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1. Barish, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, explained that dark matter is a unique kind of matter – stuff – believed to make up a significant portion of the universe.
2. Barry Barish wants to build the largest science instrument in history to aid in his search for dark matter.
3. Barish doesn't see any major disappointments in sales or earnings this year, but rather a gradual slowing of earnings growth.
4. Barry Barish: Twenty-five percent of the universe is made up of dark matter, while all the things, like us, make up one percent or less.
5. Barish: ...we'll have a new way to look at the universe that involves a whole set of elements, particles, so we don't really have on our shelf yet.
6. Dr. Barish said this is what's needed to create the right test conditions to observe dark matter.
7. To see dark matter, said Dr. Barish, scientists will have to build the world's biggest particle accelerator.
8. Barish is leading the effort to design this instrument, called the International Linear Collider.
9. Barry Barish: Twenty-five percent of the universe is made up of dark matter. All the things, like us, make up one percent or less.
10. Barry Barish is director of the global design effort for the International Linear Collider (ILC), as well as Linde Professor of Physics Emeritus at the California Institute of Technology.
11. He had hired a lawyer in Warsaw, actually the same former captain of legionnaires with whom Minna had threatened Barish Mendl.
12. "It seems kind of nutty to send up something new when there's something already there that can do the job, "says Barry Barish of Caltech.
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13. ADM could appeal to Buffett because it excels at transporting and storing food and grains, "a very difficult business to replicate," says Brian M. Barish, president of Cambiar Investors in Denver.
14. He added that the International Linear Collider is still in the planning stages, and he thinks it might be 2025 before it's built. If we can finally see dark matter, Barish added...
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