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Bar mitzvah in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: arm in armpermithermitbarmbarmyfarmingtermitehermiticMeaning: n. (Judaism) an initiation ceremony marking the 13th birthday of a Jewish boy and signifying the beginning of religious responsibility. v. confirm in the bar mitzvah ceremony, of boys in the Jewish faith. random good picture
1. As a teenager, what was his bar mitzvah like?
2. A Bar Mitzvah marks a boy's passage into adulthood.
3. Who has a bar mitzvah at Dodger Stadium?
4. Eric had a space-travel-themed bar mitzvah at the Chanticleer in Short Hills when we were both in seventh grade.
5. Meanwhile, advances from Microsoft’s labs can approach bar mitzvah age before finding their way into products.
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6. It was commissioned for my bar mitzvah, and was later used to decorate my childhood bedroom — the bedroom in which I now sleep.
7. A bar mitzvah is an important social event.
8. By graduation from middle school or Bar Mitzvah age children should be able to make their own list, write and address each note, stamp and mail it, and check off the list.
9. Do you know they send out formal invitations, like at your wedding or Bar Mitzvah, to state executions?
10. One's first watch is often a gift -- anything from a Timex on up -- received at graduation, confirmation, first job or Bar Mitzvah.
11. Within the Jewish community, I have married, raised a family, and become, I hope, a good father. We recently celebrated our oldest son's Bar Mitzvah.
12. Could you excuse us?You're gonna say something worse than the bar mitzvah remark ?
13. Jews gather at the Western Wall to read the Torah during a bar mitzvah celebration.
14. You know, you can turn this whole thing into a Jewish bar mitzvah or something like that.
15. Those guys made me want to, like, "I'm going to do that moonwalk at that bar mitzvah tonight for that girl.
16. Joel Rosenzweig wanted to do something extra special for his son's Bar Mitzvah last year.
17. For all I know, he’s never photographed a wedding or bar mitzvah in his life.
18. Oneclient Goldman is counseling is still stuck on the fact that his mother wasn'tinvited to a bar mitzvah on the wife's side of the family.
19. The Western Wall in Jerusalem is a favored venue for Jewish wedding photos and bar mitzvah celebrations.
20. Rosenzweig handmade 140 and gave them out at the Bar Mitzvah.
21. Yes, but you don't have to lose to Kyle Bernstein's bar mitzvah party. I think we have to acknowledge, those were some fairly savage preadolescent Jews.
22. In another sign of changing times, Katz is also planning the first bar mitzvah of the child of same-sex parents.
23. This was exactly what he had hoped for when, well before his bar mitzvah—probably at nine or ten—he had first lit up the little white tube and sucked in the taste of tar.
24. Serena: You're going to say something worse than the bar mitzvah remark?
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