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Banal in a sentence

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Synonym: commonplacehackneyedold-hatshopwornstockthreadbaretimeworntiredtritewell-wornSimilar words: bananaanalyzeanalogyanalystanalyseanalysisanalysesanalogousMeaning: [bə'nɑːl] adj. repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse. random good picture
1 Bland, banal music tinkled discreetly from hidden loudspeakers.
2 Making banal remarks was one of his bad habits.
3 The allegations ranged from the banal to the bizarre.
4 He preluded with some banal remarks.
5 He just sat there making banal remarks all evening.
6 It is a banal memory, for her father, the owner of a steel company, is a complicated man.
7 Now, it looks glumly at the rather banal office block which serves as the headquarters of Montgomery Ward.
8 Even while the banal dialogue washes over you, the kicks and jumps remain spectacular.
9 It was just another banal newspaper story.
10 Melissa murmured some banal phrases of encouragement and put down the telephone with a feeling of desolation.
11 The self-styled Brahmin of the Banal kept my fear-levels up to scratch by manifesting himself unexpectedly.
12 Even the most banal of church hymns can rip your heart out at times like this.
13 More than the heavy weapons,( this banal accoutrement of a rudimentary accountancy scared me shitless.
14 The average guitar band is achingly banal in comparison.
15 But our existence, while prosperous, is overwrought and banal.
16 Consequently the chants seldom seem banal or trivial, in spite of being repeated over and over again.
17 He was cautious, banal and predictable.
18 Even good ideas are frequently contained in banal packages that neutralize the virtues they possess.
19 To be knocked down by the boom of a sailing vessel was so banal as to be embarrassing.
20 And sometimes that control should manifest itself in allowing oneself to succumb to television's sometimes banal pleasures without guilt.
21 Not that Springer is evil, though he is certainly banal.
22 I was expecting an interesting interview but he only asked a few banal questions about the weather.
23 The men who tended the garden were well aware that to modern eyes this planting scheme was gaudy and banal.
24 Some of the means used by the military to explain mechanical procedures are devastating in their banal degradation.
25 But a national debate on architecture at this level is as banal as it is unhelpful.
26 Everybody says sorry and life goes on - it's that banal.
27 Straight on, either front or back, the human being tends to look somewhat banal.
28 At this stage, almost overwhelmed by the deluge of war, there is perhaps nothing to say that is not banal.
29 His lunatic counterfactual art is more appealing than the banal awfulness of the Reliable Sources.
30 Like other industrialists, Kreuger planned to amass a huge fortune by manufacturing something ubiquitous and banal, much as John D. Rockefeller had done with kerosene.
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