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Avenge in a sentence

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Sentence count:61+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-08Updated:2017-02-08
Antonym: abstainpardonSimilar words: scavengevengeanceengenderchallengepassengerchallengedsvengalihavenMeaning: [ə'vendʒ] v. take revenge for a perceived wrong. random good picture
1. He promised to avenge his father's murder.
2. She was determined to avenge herself on the man who had betrayed her.
3. He swore he would avenge his brother's death.
4. He vowed to avenge his brother's murder.
5. He swore to avenge himself on his enemy for the insult given to his name.
6. He was burning to avenge the death of his father.
7. The prince was determined to avenge his father, the King.
8. He wanted to avenge his brother's death.
9. She had decided to avenge herself and all the other women he had abused.
10. He made a vow to avenge his father's death.
11. He swore to avenge himself on the mafia.
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12. She swore to avenge herself on them for the insult that had been offered to her name and reputation.
13. She determined to avenge herself on the killer.
14. He was always keen to avenge insults, real or imagined.
15. She vowed to avenge her brother's death.
16. The soldiers wanted to avenge their humiliating defeat the previous year.
17. He vowed to avenge their deaths but was persuaded to turn his strength into an agent for good.
18. The Trojans wish to avenge the death of Hector; their misplaced values mean that patience in adversity is impossible.
19. In the office, we avenge slight slights with small snubs.
20. Her aim was to avenge the brutal treatment of comrades in police custody.
21. Ben vowed to avenge his mother's death.
22. Many are determined to avenge the slaughter in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
23. He is propelled by both guilt and the need to avenge his father.
24. In the last 16 matches tomorrow Duffy plays Dale and will be going out to avenge that defeat over fellow Ulsterman Sharpe.
25. The nausea threatened to overcome him[], but his determination to avenge the death of his friend was too strong.
26. Maybe he just heard about the Andrus business and took it into his head to avenge it.
27. It was an insult which only Cassio's death could avenge.
28. They are a wild, free-spirited people, quick-tempered as Elves go, and swift to avenge any stain on their honour.
29. The fundamental assumption was that Time will always discover and avenge any act of injustice.
30. It's the duty of one of her own to avenge her.
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