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Auditable in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-06-13Updated:2018-06-13
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1 G Has the company developed an auditable environmental management system at all plants?
2 The Auditable interface ends up being the easiest and best route for this purpose, but it can look a little strange.
3 This is expressed in the platform through auditable item types.
4 To create and maintain auditable evidence of compliance,( you need to implement appropriate process controls.
5 This makes it simple and auditable.
6 Similarly, you need auditable, repeatable, reliable process automation that you can codify and reuse across project after project.
7 If a process meets these criteria, it qualifies as being "auditable."
8 These organizations need more formal, auditable governance.
9 However, by having the entities implement the Auditable interface, you'll greatly reduce the number of typos created when you develop the persistent classes.
10 Figure 1 introduces the Identifiable and Auditable interfaces, which define the API for identifying object instances and setting audit information on object instances.
11 Auditable maintains a linear history of previous states (without branches), while SimpleItem does not.
12 For item types declared as auditable, the repository automatically remembers an audit trail of past states of the item, including the user who saved the item and the time of the change.
13 In a fundamental way it makes your past engagements auditable.That brings lots of extra challenges.
14 This improves efficiency, productivity, and workflow; it also creates auditable trails, provides process validation, and reduces the risks of error and failure.
15 In order to insure business continuity, the activity of all administrators and users must be auditable, and they must be aware their activities are being audited.
16 Accuracy : do the data contain biases Are the data veritable auditable?
17 This level of detailed information will definitely be a help to administrators investigating security incidents and trying to maintain easily auditable records.
18 The item manager hands out shared items for simple and auditable types of items.
19 The ability to produce customized virtual images and use them in an auditable manner to construct virtual systems is an important value proposition of the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance.
20 While most of them could be defined as sections of existing RUP artifacts, they are kept separate to support auditable process control.
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