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Attractive force in a sentence

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Similar words: attractive featureattractiveattractivelyunattractiveattractivenessunattractivelyattractive priceelectromotive forceMeaning: n. the force by which one object attracts another. 
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1. Yukawa realised that the short-range attractive force between nuclear particles could be explained as the exchange of a massive intermediate particle.
2. However, unlike solids, the attractive forces are not sufficient to hold the particles together in a regular structure.
3. Desire is a motive force, an attractive force.
4. A gas liquefies when the attractive forces between the molecules are sufficient to bind them together in liquid form.
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5. The most important are the attractive forces between molecules and the shape, structure and relative molecular mass of these molecules.
6. The attractive force of the large balls began now to tell ; it so attracted the small ones that they were drawn quite near to the large balls.
7. The attractive force decreases with the distance in the same proportion as light, which, we saw a little while ago, decreases in intensity as the square of the distance increases.
8. The attractive force between the dimer and the needle drew the lower atom of the dimer upward, causing the dimer to shift from one position to the other.
9. Gravity is a very weak attractive force.
10. There is a repulsive force, the attractive force between ions of opposite charge is offset by a repulsive force due to electron cloud interactions.
11. In our team architecture, we use attractive force and repulsive force to choose movement direction for a player.
12. The attractive force increases as a gas is compressed and its molecules are brought closer together.
13. The Van der attractive force between colloidal particles is used to explain this tailing phenomenon.
14. By this the attractive force of the earth was not suspended, it is true ; but it was balanced by the equality of the weights.
15. And so, there is an attractive force between the two of them, the positive and the negative.
16. And, that's given by the balance between the attractive force of the ions offset by the repulsive force in the electronic shells.
17. Charm, that is, it can be an attractive force.
18. This motion, combined with the attractive force of the sun, causes them to move in circles around it.
19. Only those particles with kinetic energies sufficiently high to overcome the attractive forces between the particles in the liquid can escape.
20. They are named after the man who inferred their existence from weak attractive forces shown by atoms and molecules in gases.
21. So, it is necessary to design a special apparatus satisfied with testing demands in order to improve the testing level of relay's static attractive force and spring force characteristics.
22. I said what hold the bonds together, what holds two atoms together is the attractive force we have between each electron and the other nucleus.
23. Under Newton's model, gravity was the result of an attractive force between massive objects.
24. In Einstein's theory, the notion of gravity as an attractive force still holds for all known forms of matter and energy, even on the cosmic scale.
25. Newton has also shown—and this is for us the main thing—that the attractive force of the sun is strong in his close proximity, but that it diminishes as the distance from him increases.
26. Many of these Islamists have adopted more moderate views that could make them an attractive force, but these figures have been in exile for years.
27. Two passive magnetic bearings were devised to resist the attractive force between the motor coil iron core and rotor driven magnets.
28. The growth of these structures was initially driven only by the attractive force of gravity, but then later there was competition with the repulsive force of dark energy.
29. There are no other molecules on that side of the wall. So there's an attractive force that makes the velocity within not quite as fast.
30. Were the sun, for example, all of a sudden to lose a portion of his attractive force, the consequence would be that the earth must revolve around him more slowly.
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