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Attenuated in a sentence

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Sentence count:97Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: attenuateattenuatingattenuationextenuateextenuatingextenuationsuperannuatedinsinuateMeaning: [ə'tenjʊeɪt] adj. 1. of an electrical signal; reduced in amplitude with little or no distortion 2. reduced in strength. random good picture
1. The fat girl was attenuated by hunger.
2. Radiation from the sun is attenuated by the Earth's atmosphere.
3. But there were no obvious ways of producing attenuated strains of virus until a means of cultivation was established.
4. Latent inhibition was still found to be attenuated by the change of context.
5. When Sabin developed his attenuated strains of polio he energetically pursued his goal of making them widely accepted as vaccine strains.
6. Yet her intolerance was attenuated by a fundamental and rather unexpected liberalism.
7. It later was further attenuated by including anyone killed or wounded in enemy territory, excluding the requirement of combat.
8. This response is either absent or very much attenuated in patients with supraconal lesions.
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. The truth is that social discrimination continues, somewhat attenuated in the North, but hardly at all attenuated in the South.
10. That shareholder control had become severely attenuated was certainly accepted in Britain by 1945.
11. These results could still be seriously attenuated by insufficient follow-up, since they include many studies undertaken in the 1970s.
12. Composers sometimes use an attenuated form of this cluster effect to obscure what would otherwise be perfectly normal chord sequences.
13. In other words, subcultural cleavage has attenuated and cultural homogeneity has extended from structural orientation into policy orientation.
14. Saunders' block was flanked with attenuated brick turrets, each peaked with a red wooden globe atop a large blue triangle.
15. The relationship between qualifications and jobs is attenuated by the complexities of labour market segmentation and this itself is subject to local diversification.
16. Using attenuated Salmonella typhimurium as vectors to deliver DNA vaccines is a novel promising method to control avian influenza.
17. Influenza vaccination of live attenuated live vaccine or vaccines.
18. L. F. noise can be better attenuated so as to obtain good attenuation characteristics over the entire audible frequency range by using active noise reduction technique in the closed-air type earmuff.
19. The C_(135) strain attenuated from a prototype of streptococcus suis through repeated insusceptible chicken passage pathway is successful and here presented.
20. He picked up the flower and held it to the light, a cluster of faded crimson petals with attenuated stalks.
21. A few minutes of rest, and he recovered his oxygen level, although something within felt attenuated.
22. In instances where a flare-up of the disease later attenuated earlier cosmetic benefits, patients became skeptical of surgery.
23. Radicalism can mean conserving what needs to be guarded, like our attenuated traditions of individual freedom.
24. But deliveries even to these companies are expected to be severely attenuated.
25. Temper tantrums often disappear when they no longer receive attention, aggressive behavior is attenuated by making may occur without being punished.
26. Results The CT features in 200 HIE were hypo - attenuated substantia alba, accompanied with intra - cranial hemorrhage, widened cavity of septum pellucidum and cerebral infarction.
27. Liu LM, Lin SY. Experimental and clinical study on attenuated synergies of chemical medicine by Shenmai Injection. Zhongguo Zhong Liu. 1993; 2(9): 22. Chinese.
28. The paper also provides the test result used this method. The interfering signals can be attenuated 16 dB in Rayleigh distribution.
29. Objective To provide optimal conditions for preparing oral live attenuated poliovirus vaccine with KMB17 cells.
30. Reactive dyes exhibited better dyeing properties than mordant dyes on attenuated wool.
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