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Attache in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-06-20Updated:2017-06-20
Similar words: attachedattachattach toattachmentattackattackerattackingpanic attackMeaning: n. 1. a specialist assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission 2. a shallow and rectangular briefcase. 
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1. The attache was the only one that was locked, and the only one that seemed to contain anything.
2. Werner placed the attache case beside the chair then poured himself a stiff Scotch from the crystal decanter on the sideboard.
3. His attache case was under the bed, along with some other luggage.
4. The recently arrived cultural attache, Ian Sloane, was among the diplomats to be sent home.
5. I had the attache case in one hand, and I had a canvas tote bag over one arm.
6. In the village, military attache of the tomb unearthed in the high-rugulosa Qing, China is the oldest surviving, the most complete one of the major musical instruments.
7. Military attache military attachezhai zhen village in the town government.
8. Say, he is enraged the ground is taking attache case to go to work.
9. Shu Jianping, cultural attache in the Chinese Embassy, recalled how Chinese businessmen, for instance, were initially put off that their Brazilian counterparts showed up late for meetings and dinners.
10. This product design for IC assembly die attache process on die bonder machine.
11. The government ordered the commercial attache to return home.
12. Ill take this briefcase ( attache case ) with me.
13. The bank attache great Importance to the deal.
14. An American attache helicopter opened fire on them.
15. We unpacked our attache cases, which contained our tools and a small radio receiver.
16. Saw Khin Soe once served as a military attache at the Burmese embassy in Tokyo.
17. The culture attache aches over after attending a banquet.
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18. Good and professcional appearance, please attache photo to your CV. Thank you.
19. I wanted to express a hasty feeling through the attache case, and wanted to find a job and I laid something in the bag.
20. Place the external, for the civil service Guanshu left and right for the military attache Guanshu, fully demonstrated the centralized Haohao momentum.
21. For me it's normal, " said Colonel Drago Horvat, defense attache with the embassy of the Republic of Croatia."
22. Sung by envoy is also specific to Guan Ming, is eight, ninth rank the general term for a small military attache.
23. To participate in the visit, including the United States, France, Russia, China and other countries or on behalf of military attache.
24. When he came secretly to Paris to meet the Chinese ambassador, Huang Zhen, Kissinger was made to stay with Walters, the military attache of the American Embassy in Paris.
25. Accordingly, he asked Marion to write to the Commercial Attache at the British Embassy to ask for advice on this point.
26. Cette pr é cipitation en dit long sur l'extraordinaire importance que le gouvernement japonais attache à la Chine.
27. "If two are sufficient, why build 10?" asked Brig. Gen. Nazir Ahmed Butt, defense attache in Pakistan's embassy in Washington.
28. News reports Tuesday say a Japanese staff officer and a defense attache are scheduled to attend the "Warrior 2007" exercise next Tuesday.
29. He told MPs that the five, who include the military attache, "could pose a threat" to Britain's security.
30. He went off to the station in a hurry and left behind his newspaper and attache case.
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