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Attach importance to in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2018-04-29Updated:2018-05-26
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1. Hence he attaches importance to spending more of the government's research cash in industry as opposed to within the government's own establishments.
2. And, since he seems to attach importance to the language-game of giving orders and obeying them, let us begin there.
3. If he learn English and don't attach importance to learning Chinese, it is not good.
4. They attach importance to things that are of no consquence.
5. We attach importance to innovate and exploder new products and insist on the management tenet of "mutual benefit, time, quality".
6. Extroversive Character and humour, attach importance to cooperation. Hard work and pay attention to actual effect, outdo oneself.
7. To attach importance to practice teaching in clinical microbiological analysis, the overall planning, research-on-research and systematic training must be carried out.
8. We must attach importance to the use of new - type machines.
9. This requires the insurance companies attach importance to market research, understand commercial character, develop more insurance product to fulfill the insurance demand of the people.
10. Both the Chinese and African sides attach importance to the establishment of China-Africa Chamber of Trade and Commerce.
11. Third, insist that they attach importance to students and to observe the teaching system.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Accordingly, we attach importance to Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) due to its advantage of management specialization, investment portfolio, risk decentralization and flexibility.
13. If you attach importance to exquisite work, you can go to Yilan Restaurant or Aulic teahouse, they are sold in boxes, every ten ones in a box.
14. AII right. We also attach importance to the arbitration clause.
15. Especially, we attach importance to the producing process of panorama and cinematograph calibration, matching method of homonymy points and coherence of perspective relationship.
16. Aftertime scientist of space breeding should attach importance to tree and flower besides crop. Only holding the future space breeding direction, can china keeping one-up level in this domain.
17. We attach importance to the activation of those rights.
18. We should attach importance to mutual supervision among Party committee members.
19. Conclusion Operating room nurses must attach importance to the prevention of professional infection.
20. We always attach importance to the media business, especially multi - media, new media - related technology and content making.
21. The Chinese always attach importance to the family.
22. More and more people attach importance to reducing greenhouse gas emission.
23. External analysts, creditors in special, attach importance to assessment of current financial position.
24. Administration decision behavior so important, that we should attach importance to it.
25. According to the characteristics of the project management generally adopted. The construction enterprise must attach importance to the financial management and the project cost control.
26. By right of efficacy of the internet technique such as large information, opening, speedy, people attach importance to the netnews commentary more and more.
27. Owing to folklore's charateristics, in last three decades rural novels defectively failed to attach importance to folklore writing which was placed in the affiliatioin.
28. To further the study on Mao Zedongs philosophy, we should not only attach importance to Maos historical practice and his manuscripts, but find out new paradigm of theory for this field.
29. Transcultural management often pays attention to only the negative influence of cultural differences. Hence international enterprises attach importance to the culture merge in culture integration.
30. They want to be liked and accepted by others, and attach importance to a personal interaction.
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