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Atlas in a sentence

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Synonym: Atlasatlas vertebrabook of mapsmap collectiontelamonSimilar words: at lastat largeatlantictransatlanticat leastgreatlyoutlawat lengthMeaning: ['ætləs] n. 1. (Greek mythology) a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders 2. a collection of maps in book form 3. the 1st cervical vertebra 4. a figure of a man used as a supporting column. 
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(1) He reached down the atlas from the top shelf.
(2) That book on the desk is an atlas.
(3) The atlas contains forty maps.
(4) Are you through with that atlas?
(5) For those of you who don't have an atlas to hand, Newcastle is a city in the north-east of England.
(6) The atlas contains forty maps, including three of Great Britain.
(7) Please reach the atlas down from the bookshelf.
(8) She had the travel atlas, and she was showing Mike and Penny where we planned to go.
(9) He signed the contract to produce his atlas in 1930.
(10) Atlas then generates invoice EDI messages in the appropriate format for each customer.
(11) Adventure giants Atlas, alas, have closed down.
(12) At that time the Atlas ICBM was still in flight testing.
(13) In dismay Paige realised that the atlas lay open to his inspection.
(14) Prometheus' brother Atlas suffered a still worse fate.
(15) The engines of the Atlas burned a modified aviation fuel, similar to kerosene, with liquid oxygen.
(16) Refer to an atlas and the map opposite.
(17) Road atlas programs will map out your route between two cities or set up a whole itinerary of stops.
(18) Test flights of the Redstone and Atlas rockets carrying unmanned Mercury capsules were taking place with varying degrees of success.
(19) This hulking Atlas is carrying the universe upon his shoulders(Sentencedict), a hollow orb ringed with the constellations of the celestial sphere.
(20) One of the joys of the Atlas is the availability of mules to do the donkey work of load carrying.
(21) For reliable information about present national boundaries, consult an up-to-date atlas.
(22) But the Utopia of machine-independence may not ultimately appear on the custodial atlas of the future.
(23) She bit her lip and considered, consulting her trusty road atlas.
(24) The departmental library is on four floors with two large reading rooms and an extensive map and atlas store.
(25) Suddenly I found that he and I were on a collision course, both in Atlas aircraft.
(26) The whole is supported at each spandrel by kneeling figures, apparently fulfilling the role of Atlas.
(27) A: I was building my body, and I sent away for the Charles Atlas exercise manual.
(28) Enter the particulars of the guests listed below who are in residence at the Atlas Hotel on an analysed visitors tabular ledger.
(29) The first of these properties is readily appreciated by looking at an atlas.
(30) Over the weekend I heard of the case of the disappearing Times Atlas, the one in five volumes.
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