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Asserting in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2017-03-21
Similar words: assertionassertiveassertivenessassertasserteddivertingdisconcertingdessertMeaning: [ə'sɜːt] adj. relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration. random good picture
1. He's speaking up and asserting himself confidently.
2. The republics began asserting their right to govern themselves.
3. It seemed that Morrissey was asserting his power over the media in order to make a point.
4. By 1992, he was asserting such complete recovery that he declared himself a candidate for the presidency.
5. Initially there was a response from some critics asserting that this would lead to structural unemployment.
6. By asserting it, however, we are also committing ourselves to a general conditional proposition of a standard kind.
7. Apart from asserting that dwarfs are usually unintelligent, the author offers no comment on the morphological differences between human physical types.
8. They also responded to the idea of Britain asserting a moral lead in the world after the soul-scarring debacle of Suez.
9. I have heard of chaps being accused of asserting their conjugal rights, but asserting moral rights is obviously something else.
10. Since this requires that speakers be informative, the asserting of tautologies blatantly violates it.
11. The hon. Gentleman has no evidence for asserting that standards have dropped month by month.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Some people took the religious view, boldly asserting that we were in league with the devil.
13. Gloucester was more successful in asserting his claims to the stewardship of Clitheroe and its members.
14. It seems that this was their means of asserting their continuing independence of Moscow.
15. Our novelist's intellectual humour is asserting itself beneath the narrative.
16. Mrs Armitage's heir is already asserting his rights in the matter but that is not my concern.
17. We can begin to restore the public purpose of corporations by asserting their responsibility and accountability to all stakeholders.
18. And some people misguidedly use disagreement with others as the main instrument of asserting their status.
19. The conventional view, then as now, was that Lanfranc had carried all before him in asserting the rights of Canterbury.
20. One such dispute was settled by Marie with a verdict apparently asserting that true love can not exist between man and wife.
21. The current wild weather through the West and Midwest again has raised the question: Is global warming finally asserting itself?
22. In practice, of course, there was no chance of Edward 11I successfully asserting his claim in 1328.
23. From Hegel he derives his basic manner of thinking, asserting the primacy of experience.
24. An ever more intriguing thought - when David did his asserting, whom did he do it with, or to?
25. The typical judge loves the rewards of office and tends to be imperious in asserting and defending them.
26. The opposition mounted, but Johnson was probably right in asserting that its strength was overstated.
27. There is no way in which he could emphasise the veracity of his testimony except by literally asserting it.
28. For what object of thought is one referring to when one is asserting the existence of men?
29. People have become used to employing violence as a means of resolving conflict or asserting power over others.
30. The association has prepared a flyer asking reporters not to exaggerate damage, asserting that not all coastal areas have been hit.
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