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Aspect ratio in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: spectraspectralelectromagnetic spectrumexasperationabsorption spectrumaspectspectrespectrumMeaning: n. the ratio of the width to the height of a tv picture. random good picture
1. Therefore, we can use the aspect ratio of Spacing between the boats.
2. Observations with apparatuses of relatively small aspect ratio have led to interesting comparisons with theories to be discussed in Chapter 24.
3. In fact aspect ratios of 40 or more are needed for such uniformity to exist.
4. Some programs maintain the aspect ratio between width and height whilst scaling, thereby avoiding distortion.
5. The shallower angle meant that the aspect ratio of chord to span was higher.
6. The critical aspect ratio of the fiber is defined as the crosspoint of the tangent value of the inflexion and the asymptote of the maximum elastic modulus.
7. Such plasmas can be confined as a high aspect ratio toroid having compact dimensions.
8. Just by changing the Aspect Ratio,( photos will look different.
9. The aspect ratio of the ribbon-shaped fiber can be 1.56.
10. Change Aspect Ratio when taking photos.
11. Rod-like NCC has perfect crystal structure, relatively high aspect ratio, low density and excellent mechanical properties which make it a new type of green reinforcing filler for rubber.
12. Keeps the aspect ratio of your images so they do not distort.
13. They have an aspect ratio of approximately 1:1. 094.
14. The aspect ratio of the scans can also be modified to further improve sample throughput.
15. The long - span,[] high - aspect ratio wing provides exceptional climb performance.
16. The influence of aspect ratio, vertical compressed stress and mortar strength on first crack pattern of masonry wall in pseudo-static test has been quantified.
17. Texts will be placed correctly in every aspect ratio.
18. The parameters of porous Alumina membrane, such as aperture, hole density and aspect ratio, membrane thickness, had been effected by many factors mentioned above.
19. The traditional method is to use an external anamorphic lens which can optically distort the image from a 16:9 aspect ratio into the wider 2.35 format.
20. There exist obvious aeroelasticity problem for the large-scaled civil aircraft with high aspect ratio wings.
21. The high- aspect-ratio grids were commonly used in numerical simulations of the viscous boundary layer flows and the main calculation error was always correlated to the aspect ratio of the grids.
22. When the frequency is small, the amplitude has an obvious effect on the critical aspect ratio.
23. The finest linewidth is 0.28 μ m and the highest aspect ratio reaches 6.7.
24. By use of this technique, we fabricated scaffold-like micro-well structures with sub-micron resolution and high aspect ratio by both raster scanning and pinpoint scanning methods.
25. Three-dimensional turbulent boundary layer on the ground board is measured through the ground effect tests of a delta wing with aspect ratio 3.
26. This accelerometer is fabricated by N type silicon wafer. To obtain high aspect ratio structure, deep reactive ion etching(DRIE) process is employed.
27. I don't think there is any hard - and - fast rule about which aspect ratio is the right one.
28. Images are automatically resized to maximum constraints preserving the aspect ratio.
29. Most part of the supercritical wing with equal chord and high aspect ratio is provided with 2-D flow characteristics approximately except wing tip.
30. Do you deliberately run games at anything other than their intended aspect ratio?
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