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Ask after in a sentence

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Sentence count:34+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-06-07Updated:2017-06-07
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1, Jones has been asking after you.
2, Did she ask after me in her letter?
3, He always asks after you in his letters.
4, I spoke to James today. He was asking after you.
5, I had a letter from Jane. She asks after you.
6, Tell your father I was asking after him.
7, She asked after the aches and pains of all the old people.
8, He asked after her mother.
9, She says that Siobhan will not stop asking after her Marks and Spencer coat, which was abandoned in the wreck.
10, The shop-woman smiled at her and asked after the bereaved family.
11, To begin with he asked after the whereabouts of each missing man.
12, But Daphne only smiled and, as also was customary, asked after Tina.
13, She asked after you .
14, As we climbed, I asked after Rozanov's wife, Sonia,[ after.html] and Sasha his son.
15, Alice asked after her daughter, Mungo's mother, and complained about the price of bread.
16, He had his tea, with sugar and milk, and then asked after a while if he could have-some more.
17, Was Aunt Sarah asked after?
18, I asked after a time, startled to discover we were alone.
19, Dooley asks after you, as do Emma and Puny.
20, A man came into her house asking after a neighbour and then for a glass of water.
21, Every afternoon he called to ask after his girl friend.
22, Don't forget to ask after your aunt when you see Tom this evening.
23, What is there to ask after is the liver that make second vaccinal ?
24, I would certainly have called to ask after you today, but I propose to return and join my father.
25, Are you the young man who called every day to ask after me all the time I was ill, and would never leave his name?
26, I have paid a visit to the Heights, but I have not seen her since she left: Joseph held the door in his hand when I called to ask after her, and wouldn't let me pass.
27, Ming at the meeting, argue, is the wife of Chang Chuan - tang to ask after the fact.
28, Then in terms of what you say, I think it's good to listen well to the erm... to the questions, to be also prepared in advance. And to prepare some questions to ask after the interview.
29, In the course of his brief visit, he quite forgot to ask after his niece.
30, Everyone has been asking it feels to be 20 to ask after every birthday.
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