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Application server in a sentence

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1. The departmental application server fits between Sun's 500-user Sparcserver 10 and the high-end 3,000-user SparcCenter 2000.
2. A node is a logical grouping of application server instances that share the same configuration control and are generally associated with one physical installation of WAS.
3. By avoiding the requirement of application server or web application server session management, you can use Shiro even in command-line environments.
4. The application server BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS (a) is incremented automatically for you as you create application servers, with a starting value for the first application server on a node of port 9810.
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5. Similar to application server multi-tenancy, transaction multi-tenancy can be configured and programmed to leverage a nonsegregated or segregated approach.
6. In order to validate WebSphere Application Server topologies, you can set up an isolated network similar to the example architecture depicted in Figure 1.
7. In this situation, whilst the application server is offline, it is better to send all messages to CLUSQ1 on QM2, which has an active application server and message consumer application.
8. If you are deploying in a clustered WebSphere Application Server environment, each cluster instance must have access to a file share on common file servers or enterprise network storage devices.
9. The wireless application server must be an open, modular architecture, to provide the user with the maximum flexibility and extensibility to ease development and deployment.
10. In container-managed sign-on, the application depends on the application server to manage the sign-on.
11. The WebSphere Application Server support team prefers to keep the Maximum File Size no larger than 50 MB, as the traces become more difficult to load and read if the file size is too large.
12. The main performance bottleneck is the application server machine for various test runs with varying amounts of load.
13. NetWare will be played as the network services provider and Unix as the application server.
14. In WebLogic, you can enable call by reference on a bean-by-bean basis, but with WebSphere Application Server, you can enable call by reference at the container level.
15. You can also choose to do authorization checking at both Encina and the J2EE application server.
16. This ID is effectively the equivalent of root in WebSphere Application Server and can perform any administrative operation (including all administrative roles mentioned in the next section).
17. New in V6 is the concept of profiles, which are independent instances of the Application Server configuration and application file sets.
18. EJB container, Transaction service, Timer Service, Orb, Session Replication Module and other components in GlassFish application server use Shoal for accessing and interacting with cluster members.
19. In our scenario, the integration point existed between the middle-tier application server that ran the web service and the Microsoft Word template that invoked it.
20. Provisioning. Adds new users to network operating system directories and application server directories, both inside an enterprise and outside at partner information systems.
21. Programming Web service message mediations is beyond the scope of this article, but information can be found in the WebSphere Application Server Information Center.
22. For instance, a set of Java classes might use a data source for a popular RDBMS (relational database management system) configured in the application server.
23. Implementing application file synchronization: We will look at what is the common mechanism and how you implement it using a new feature of WebSphere Application Server 6.0.
24. Listing 8 shows the WSDL document file system location on the Application Server host.
25. From Session 1, the user sends a resource request to the DCE application server.
26. In the interest of fairness, JBoss is undergoing a change to a more modular architecture for the 5.0 version of the application server.
27. In the solution architecture, a Microsoft Word template uses an account number to invoke a macro that queries an application hosted on a back-end WebSphere Application Server.
28. Using page caching, you allow Rails to build a dynamic HTML page, and store it in a public directory, so your application server can serve it just as it would any other static page.
29. Because you need to provide a user name and password to deploy resources to the application server, use the default user name, system, and password, manager.
30. In order to generate these artifacts, you will use the wsgen tool that resides in the WAS_HOME/bin directory of your WebSphere Application Server installation.
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