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Antitumor in a sentence

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Sentence count:127Posted:2019-02-07Updated:2019-02-07
Similar words: malignant tumorantitussivetumorbrain tumorbenign tumortumor necrosis factorplentitudequantityMeaning: adj. used in the treatment of cancer. 
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1. In this paper, we investigate the influence of antitumor activity by introducing N-Acylaminomethyl groups at C-12 of andrographolide.
2. Antiviral agent. Antioxidant. Antitumor compound. Apoptosis inducer.
3. TCS injectant(26KD) has no antitumor effects, but has positive reaction in allergic reaction.
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4. Objective:To screen the antitumor extract from Dracaena cambodiana Pierre ex Gagnep.
5. Objective : To investigate the antitumor activity and mechanism of Cordyceps concentrated powder.
6. Objective: In order to investigate the antitumor activties of Bleomycin A6 on human nasopharyngeal cancer.
7. Lentinan enable host cells to generate antitumor immune response by stimulating and enhancing immunological function response, and can control and kill tumor cells.
8. Objective To study the antitumor activity of noviose and coumarin in novobiocin.
9. Objective:To study the antitumor effect of Tricholoma Matsutake on K562 cells.
10. At present, there was not antitumor therapy about chemokine BLC.
11. Objective:To investigate the antitumor effect of Actinidia Chinensis Planch polysaccharide(ACPS)in B16-bearing C57BL/6 mice and approach its mechanism.
12. Vinca alkaloids are widely applied in antitumor treatment in clinic and proved to be effective.
13. Some diterpenoids isolated from Chinese Euphorbia species showed antitumor, antivirus, NGF-promoting, skin-irritating, tumor-promoting, analgesic and sedative activities.
14. CONCLUSION: Paecilomyces cicadidae polysaccharide can promote immunomodulatory and antitumor activity in vivo and in vitro experiments.
15. Objective To study the antitumor effect of PSP 94 - TNF α D 11 a fusion gene.
16. The in vitro antitumor activity tests for 5-fluorouracil-1-yl-aceto amino acid esters were carried out by comparison of 5-FU and FT-207.
17. The marine environment is beprolific source of new natural antitumor products.
18. Interferons are a group of immunocompetent protein with many functions such as antivirus, antitumor and immunomodular effects.
19. Matrine is the main alkaloid of foxtail-like sophora herb and seed and one of newfashioned antitumor drugs.
20. Rapamycin arrested cell cycle in G 1 phase to antitumor by degrading the CDK - cyclin complexes kinase activity.
21. Twelve 20 - hydroxyl ester analogues of camptothecin were prepared and evaluated in vitro antitumor activity.
22. This study was designed to investigate whether trichostatin A (TSA) possesses antitumor activity against Human bladder cancer cell and if any, its mechanism.
23. Podophyllotoxin as well as its derivatives exhibit a pronounced biological activity mainly as antitumor agents, which is a good source of the aryltetralin lignan.
24. Conclusion: TNF - α produced by rhIL - 2 acti - vated bone marrow cells involved in the antitumor effect of ABM.
25. The polysaccharide - protein complex ( PSPC ) with antitumor activity was isolated from the culture filtrate of Tricholoma lobayense.
26. Cryptotanshinone is one of the effective components in salvia miltiorrhiza which has antitumor effect.
27. In this regard, a study progress of latest years was reviewed on antitumor effect, anti-inflammatory property, antioxidation and immunity regulation effect of phycocyanin in spirulina.
28. Objective: To investigate the role of HN in NDV antitumor.
29. CONCLUSION DDP resistant L1210 subline is a good experimental model in vitro for the study of mechanism of antitumor drug resistance and the screening of antitumor drug.
30. Soladulcidine is a steroidal alkaloid abundant in Solanum dulcamara L. with antitumor and other biological activities.
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