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Antipathetic in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2017-08-31Updated:2017-08-31
Similar words: antipathypatheticapatheticempatheticpatheticallysympatheticapatheticallyanticipateMeaning: [‚æntɪpə'θetɪk(l)] adj. 1. (usually followed by `to') strongly opposed 2. characterized by antagonism or antipathy. 
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1. It's human nature to be antipathetic to change.
2. He is antipathetic to dogs.
3. Also, the clerical church has been particularly antipathetic to socialism in any form.
4. It is human nature to be antipathetic to change.
5. He is antipathetic ( al ) to dogs.
6. He is antipathetic to new ideas.
7. His attitude is antipathetic to me.
8. Swanson was not heated or antipathetic.
9. These nations are antipathetic ( al ) to each other and cannot unite.
10. He was antipathetic to any change.
11. The story is complex, and in some respects law has been indifferent and, indeed, antipathetic to commercial needs.
12. A pity it was launched really under unhappy circumstances in as much as the company was so antipathetic.
13. There is something about a university which is naturally antipathetic to the state.
14. During the mid-sixties, Nietzsche's traditionalism seems even to have stiffened: certainly his attitude towards anything Wagnerian became explicitly antipathetic.
14. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
15. When American shakes hands face to face visual other place is very antipathetic.
16. As fin intransigent non - objective painter, he is antipathetic to figuration, especially Expressionist and decorative.
17. But his husband, thick hair of a lofty, heavy, pipe does not leave buccal man as Nancy as this however " elfland " antipathetic.
18. Accordingly, capital and ownership oppose completely, capital and socialism are antipathetic.
19. It is a music which evolved through the clash of two antipathetic cultures.
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