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Annealing in a sentence

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Sentence count:271Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: annealchannellingsealinghealingdealingsquealingstealingdealingsMeaning: [ə'niːl] n. hardening something by heat treatment. random good picture
1. This suggests that careful annealing at the appropriate temperature could produce samples with a high degree of crystallinity.
2. Annealing was the heating and slow cooling process by which the resulting metal was toughened.
3. Simulated annealing uses random perturbations to shake the parameter values out of a local optimum so that globally optimal values may be found.
4. This led to an early invention of annealing, whereby the metal might be softened by sudden heating and quenching.
5. The last cold forming process is followed by annealing above the upper transformation point in a controlled atmosphere.
6. The corelation of the annealing temperature with the total working rate of the cold-rolled product and the method of controlling the temperature in the mass production are particularly investig...
7. Effects of annealing treatment on physical properties of a dental all - ceramic system.
8. A satificatory effect is obtained by rime annealing.
9. The stainless steel annealing and pickling process can product large quantity of waste mixed acid(HF/HNO3) that must be treated through acid purification system.
10. The results indicate that diffusion annealing can eliminate banded structure, but not remove phosphoric segregation.
11. Finally, annealing process is carried out in the electroplated metal layer formed by the electroplating process through chemical vapor deposition method under promotion of ammonia plasma.
12. NAFSA combines the niche technique and the simulated annealing method with AFSA. Moreover, the ideas of mutation operator and the automatic calculation of the niche radius are used in NAFSA.
13. Adhibit efficiency function, The genetic annealing evolutionary algorithms are applied to realize the optimization of scheduling decisions.
14. The annealing process of malleable cast iron was improved by controlling the melting process.
15. Annealing: Heating to 710 ~740 Holding time 1 ~3 h, Colding in furnace.
16. In third part[], we investigate the annealing treatment of ZnO nanorods. Thermal treatment will effect the optical emission characteristic of ZnO rods.
17. The simulated annealing method is used to study the self - assembling behavior of the ABC triblock copolymers.
18. Finally, this paper gave simulated annealing algorithm for K-vertex-connected minimal augmentation on arbitrary undirected weighted graph.
19. Annealing: Heating to 800 ~880 Holding time 1 ~3 h, Colding in furnace.
20. When the annealing time was prolonged to 30 min all square nanoislands evolved into rectangular nanoislands.
21. The easy axis moved from the films surface to the vertical location with the increase of multilayers' annealing temperature.
22. Adopt laser trigonometry displacement measure theory in the detection of glass thickness on line and the method in the hot side of annealing kiln.
23. From the XRD spectrum it is found that the annealing plays a key part in the nano crystal grain forming and growing.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. We develop a fringing state space model used in the continuous annealing furnace computer optimization control.
25. The effects of baking temperature, baking time and prestrain on the bake hardenability and dent resistance of isotropic sheet steel and BH sheet steel produced by batch annealing were studied.
26. This was the first time in our country that all quartz ceramics rolls were used in large scale continuous annealing furnace.
27. Excessive convexity, severe wedge, dissymmetric convexity and partial protrusion will result in sticking of sheets during annealing in the bell-type furnace.
28. To optimize sub - job assignments, two simplified algorithms of simulated annealing are proposed.
29. It is significant for preparing low - cost material because of short annealing time.
30. This paper deals with the experiment work that the flash cyclic annealing technology of high-speed steel was investigated.
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