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Angle of attack in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2018-01-09Updated:2018-01-09
Similar words: angle of incidenceangle of reflectionattackbill of attainderattackerattackingright-angled triangleheart attackMeaning: n. the acute angle between the direction of the undisturbed relative wind and the chord of an airfoil. 
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1. They change the angle of attack from acute within the central delta, to near neutral over the outer triangular sail panel.
2. Or that one must approach at an angle of attack of precisely 10 degrees, and attain exactly 18 degrees on take-off?
3. Angle of attack typically ranges from 3 o to 12 o for a paraglider.
4. The angle of attack of the high - aspect - ratio wings varies largely as the airflow rounds the airfoil.
5. Example: When we apply brakes, the angle of attack increases and the paraglider noses up, thus we rotate about an axis drawn from wingtip to wingtip.
6. DMC-PID bunches control technology in the angle of attack automatic control system during unpowered flying automatic landing period is introduced.
7. As seen above, the design angle of attack for the second segment is 10 deg.
8. Complex wave structures of supersonic inlet at different angle of attack and spinning velocity related to high speed spinning and critical status were achieved.
9. The method to aquire the angle of attack and sideslip approximately in engineering by the deviation between apparent acceleration and attitude angle was analyzed, and the control model was given.
10. This occurs at one angle of attack for the same wing loading of a paraglider.
11. For this angle of attack the corresponding velocity distribution is constant for the second segment.
12. High angle of attack wind tunnel test techniques is necessary for development of high - maneuverability flight vehicles.
13. This occurs at one angle of attack for the same wing loading of a paraglider (or any aircraft).
14. Supercavity and double-cavity pattern at zero and non-zero angle of attack were obtained.
15. The measurement of the model angle of attack is a key part in wind tunnel test.
16. The effects of flapping frequency, wind velocity, angle of attack,( of attack.html) plane shape of wing and cambered aerofoil are investigated.
17. The nature of an open separation has been analysed qualitatively and the numerical simulation has been made for the hypersonic flow with an open separation over the blunt cone at angle of attack.
18. The variation of horizontal tail position due to the angle of attack should be taken into account when wall-interference corrections on the longitudinal stability are performed.
19. The flow visualization and measurement technology were used to study the flow separation, development of mass vortex and flow control mechanism of triplane at large angle of attack in a water tunnel.
20. A sliding mode observer is designed to estimate the angle of attack and flight path angle for a hypersonic vehicle.
21. Based on the theory of structural stability, this paper investigates the transition of the flows over slenders at angle of attack from symmetric state to the asymmetric state.
22. Another nonlinear inversion controller was designed for the slow variables. It allows the pilot to control the slow dynamics, the angle of attack, side-slip angle and the velocity bank angle.
23. When a fighter aircraft or missile flies at high angle of attack(AOA), asymmetric vortexes are produced from the forebody and induce strong side force and yawing moment.
24. The flutter speed decreases rapidly with an increase of the root angle of attack, and the flutter speed of the sandwich wing is significantly influenced by laminate ply angles.
25. The fore-body with sharp section angle can produce direction stability at middle-higher angle of attack in the case of side-slip.
26. At the end of each wingbeat, the controller schedules the desired angle of attack according to state feedback errors.
27. There are two shedding modes along the slender axes when the angle of attack is very high. The Karman vortex shedding region is located in afterbody while the nose vortices region is near the apex.
28. The static aerodynamic characteristics for slender bodies at large angle of attack was analyzed.
29. The velocity distributions previously shown were for a single angle of attack.
30. The methods are devoted to determining aerodynamic performances for asymmetrical body with angle of attack, angle of side slip and roll angle.
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