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Aneuploidy in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2018-02-28Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: euploidpolyploidydiploidhaploidpolyploidtetraploidheteroploiduploadMeaning: n. an abnormality involving a chromosome number that is not an exact multiple of the haploid number (one chromosome set is incomplete). random good picture
1 One measure of malignancy is aneuploidy by flow cytometry.
2 Conclusion DNA aneuploidy, SPF and EGFR is associated with malignant degree of gliomas.
3 One measure of malignancy is aneuploidy flow cytometry flow cytometry pattern of a breast carcinoma.
4 Overexpression of STK15 induces increased numbers of centrosome, aneuploidy,( and transformation of the cells.
5 Aneuploidy The condition, resulting from nondisjunction of homologous chromosomes at meiosis, in which one or more chromosomes are missing from or added to the normal somatic chromosome number.
6 Aneuploidy in human population is a serious genetic problem.
7 Objective To study the relationship between DNA aneuploidy and biological behavior of thyroid tumor cells.
8 The aneuploidy and SPF index are also the important factors which can influent the prognosis.
9 DNA aneuploidy is one of the characteristics of malignant tumors.
10 Amniocentesis is the standard prenatal detection procedure for aneuploidy.
11 Chromosomal mutation, called aneuploidy, is the cause instead, and it destabilizes chromosomal patterns.
12 Objective To establish the method of detecting oocyte aneuploidy by spectral karyotyping ( SKY ) .
13 Results: Aneuploidy had statistic difference in lung carcinoma with lobulation, spiculate and mediastinal lymph node metastasis.
14 Cell cycle analysis indicated that the DNA synthesis fraction (SPF) of diploidy carcinomas was between normal colonic mucosa and aneuploidy carcinomas.
15 Objective To use a rapid method by PRINS for detection of spermic aneuploidy.
16 BSR : What first got you interested in looking at the possibility that aneuploidy might cause cancer?
17 The worse the neoplasm, the greater the degree of aneuploidy and the worse the prognosis.
18 Results 64% of oocytes were normal, 36% of oocytes were aneuploidy, of which 22% were due to nondisjunction and 14% unbalanced predivision.
19 Results:29 cases of benign breast lesions were identified as diploidy, no cases of aneuploidy were found specificity 100%).
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