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Anesthetic in a sentence

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Synonym: anaestheticanaesthetic agentanaestheticanesthetic agentanestheticSimilar words: kinestheticaestheticaestheticsaestheticallypatheticempatheticpropheticby the timeMeaning: n. a drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensations. adj. characterized by insensibility. 
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1. He was given a general anesthetic.
2. It would have to be done under anesthetic.
3. In doses far below those used for anesthetic purposes, ketamine makes normal people become acutely psychotic.
4. The chemical, once used as an anesthetic, can be toxic if breathed in high concentrations.
5. The drug ketamine, an anesthetic used all over the world, blocks another brain chemical called glutamate.
6. The release of these chemicals causes anesthetic, euphoric and trancelike qualities that allegedly enhance sexual sensitivity or experience.
7. To study the effects of different intravenous anesthetic agents on the activity of erythrocyte immunity in vitro.
8. Frequently, the only sign of anaphylaxis during an anesthetic is severe bronchospasm or sudden cardiovascular collapse.
9. Background: Etomidate is an intravenous anesthetic usually used in clinical anesthesia.
10. Suitable for purifying anesthetic exhaust gas in the operation room.
11. Local anesthetic is now being injected to further numb the skin.
12. Objective To discuss the measure to reduce the anesthetic risk for the tumor patients with bronchia asthma.
13. Objective : To study the local anesthetic effect of daidzein.
14. Under appropriate anesthetic depth 0.75 MAC isoflurane is suitable for intraoperative cortical SSEP monitoring.
15. Background: Propofol was an intravenous anesthetic agent which was employed widely in clinical practice. While hepatic metabolism was considered as the main elimination pathway of propofol.
16. Operating Room Products: Anesthetic Machine, Anesthetic Monitor, High-Frequency Surgical Instruments, Shadowless Lamp, Operation Table,( ) Purification System.
17. The anesthetic activity and toxicity of some 3 - methyl fentanyl and 4 - methoxycarbonyl fentanyl analogs were reported.
18. Nausea and vomiting may occur when a spinal anesthetic is begun, especially if hypotension is present.
19. You might feel a little sick when you come around from the anesthetic.
20. Neil said. 59 Arm drift is just the way that neurologists tell that the anesthetic has arrived.
21. A can of whipped cream uses nitrous oxide, an anesthetic, as a propellant.
22. Conclusion 2% mepivacaine is a safe and efficacious local anesthetic drug in conservative dentistry.
23. The first line of action ought to be to discontinue the potential agent and the anesthetic.
24. In 1847, the Scottish physician Sir James Young Simpson first used the sweet-smelling, colorless, non-flammable liquid as an anesthetic.
25. Conclusions: Compared to fentanyl propofol, remifentanil used for the anesthetic of Suspensive Laryngoscopy Vocal Cords surgery is more stable, quicker recovery and effective.
26. It is used in bio-cosmetics and self treatment of various diseases by it's pharmacological properties of antiseptic, antimycotic , anti-inflammatory, astringent and anesthetic activities.
27. The invention discloses a substituted phenol for methylal phosphate anesthetic and sedative drugs and a preparation method thereof.
28. Have you ever had any adverse reactions to a local anesthetic?
29. Here , we examined in vivo the ability of riluzole to produce components of the general anesthetic state through a selective blockade of glutamatergic neurotransmission.
30. The decay is very deep, so I will use a local anesthetic before drilling.
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