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Analog data in a sentence

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1) The analog data path between the connector and the analog-to-digital converter in the analog input system.
2) The analog data path between the connector and the analog ? to? digital converter analog input subsystem.
3) A lot of analog data show that the ground potential varies most in the edge areas of the concrete when the resistance of the concrete is smaller than that of the soil.
4) AS Interface also supports the processing of analog data over analog modules.
5) Making the analysis to the analog data can cause drivers make more prepared judgement in the emergency situation .
6) The input alleyway setting of analog data, the confine setting of input signal, the conversion process of analog data to digital data and a part of programs in specific environment are discussed.
7) End of the paper using some analog data, these approaches are proved effective and feasible.
8) The experiment results acquired from synthetic analog data proves better performance of the presented filter in eliminating the Rician noise at low level SNR.
9) In many modern microcomputer-controlled meters and instruments, it is often necessary to collect the analog data that are slowly variable for analysis.
10) To enhance control ability and accuracy, the filter algorithms are adopted by PLC when gathering analog data and implementing the PID algorithm in frequency conversion control.
11) In the next article, I'll describe how to use the iMic to gather an analog data stream, and I'll show you how to use one of the SPEs to turn the system into a useful spectrum analyzer.
12) The application of SIMENS S7200CPU216 PLC in realization of analog data acquisition and processing were discussed. It can be used in the auto management of the factory of coming water.
13) In this paper, the developing process of the automatic collection software system of the precursor analog data in Henan province and the efficiency analysis of the software are introduced.
14) The Konexx Koupler straps onto the handset of any payphone or telephone, to provide analog data communications at up to 26.4 Kbps.
15) The development of faster, cheaper,( data.html) and smaller input signal samplers (ADCs) and output converters from digital data to analog data (DACs) began to make real-time DSP practical.
16) A computer whose operations are analogous to the behavior of another system and that accepts, processes and produces analog data.
17) Telephone, radio, broadcast television, and cable TV have traditionally transmitted analog data.
18) Acquisition of the fuse alarm Digital Variables : during IDLE, Repeat acquired the 120 routes 48 analog data, process sample statistic for each rote acquired active-high.
19) The pressure and depth monitoring system in the control system consist pressure and depth sensor produced by Germany STAMO and ADVANTECH analog data acquisition card-PCI1710.
20) Since the digital computer operates on digital rather than analog data, a fundamental "language" problem arises which requires the conversion of the analog quantities into digital representations .
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