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Ambush in a sentence

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Synonym: trapSimilar words: combustionbushcombustiblehamburgerambulancebushelambulatoryperambulatorMeaning: n. the act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise. v. 1. wait in hiding to attack 2. hunt (quarry) by stalking and ambushing. random good picture
1. Two soldiers were killed in a terrorist ambush.
2. The soldiers set up an ambush on the road.
3. They were lying in ambush, waiting for the aid convoy.
4. The soldiers were killed in an ambush.
5. A policeman has been shot dead in an ambush.
6. The soldiers lay in ambush for the enemy troops.
7. Armed police lay in ambush behind the hedge.
8. They laid an ambush for the enemy patrol.
9. The gunmen, lying in ambush, opened fire, killing the driver.
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10. In winter the danger of ambush is much reduced.
11. Our soldiers lay in ambush in the jungle for the enemy.
12. Several passers-by were killed in the ambush.
13. They staged an ambush on an army patrol.
14. Fear of ambush prevents the police from going to high-risk areas.
15. He suspected an ambush.
16. Fear ambush at every tree and tuft of grass.
17. Twelve men were killed in the ambush.
18. His corporal had been machine-gunned in an ambush.
19. We ran into an ambush in the valley.
20. They suspected an ambush.
21. To patrol and ambush, call in artillery fire.
22. Meanwhile four policemen were killed in an ambush in Soweto.
23. The government was defeated in its attempt to pass the law by an opposition ambush.
24. The enemy chased the decoys down to the place of ambush.
25. A whole regiment of the enemy troop got caught in our ambush was eliminated completely.
26. LoEsheLacy, a junior at McClymonds High School, was killed in the ambush.
27. And of course, that little shit has no right to try and ambush me or get me with a booby trap!
28. He would never forget that time when a corporal had been machine-gunned in an ambush on a country road near Palermo.
29. My platoon went deepest into the wooded area we were going into to set up an ambush patrol.
30. The sappers crept a little closer, past the vacated ambush site.
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