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Ambiguous in a sentence

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Sentence count:161+10 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-08-06Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: cleardefinitedistinctSimilar words: ambitioussumptuouscontinuousbigbiggercombinedig upa big shotMeaning: [æm'bɪgjʊəs] adj. 1. open to two or more interpretations; or of uncertain nature or significance; or (often) intended to mislead 2. having more than one possible meaning 3. having no intrinsic or objective meaning; not organized in conventional patterns. 
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1 This agreement is very ambiguous and open to various interpretations.
2 He gave me an ambiguous answer.
3 The paragraph is rendered ambiguous by the writer's careless use of pronouns.
4 His reply to my question was somewhat ambiguous.
5 The manifesto is long-winded, repetitious and often ambiguous or poorly drafted.
6 The language in the Minister's statement is highly ambiguous.
7 The government has been ambiguous on this issue.
8 The phrasing of the report is ambiguous.
9 Our ambiguous,[] so far.
10 The wording of the agreement is ambiguous.
11 The wording was deliberately ambiguous.
12 I suspected that he was being deliberately ambiguous.
13 In fact, your ambiguous words amount to a refusal.
14 His role has always been ambiguous.
15 It's an ambiguous statement.
16 The language is often elliptical and ambiguous.
17 Students have ambiguous feelings about their role in the world.
18 The wording of the statute is ambiguous.
19 The phrasing of the contract is rather ambiguous.
20 His role in the affair is ambiguous.
21 The title of this chapter is ambiguous.
22 This sentence is ambiguous in sense.
23 Equally, you might use ambiguous words which your superiors treat as a resignation which they will not allow you to retract.
24 First, their case focused attention upon the ambiguous ethical relationship between campaign contributions and political favours by elected officials.
25 In the ambiguous world of international politics, clear-cut choices between competing interests and values are rare.
26 His South Dakota activities are more ambiguous.
27 The marriage contract is currently the most ambiguous of contracts.
28 As previously stated, the phrase "value for money" has an ambiguous meaning.
29 However, the evidence is thin and, to some extent, ambiguous.
30 The gains to be made in the political sphere are, as Chapter S will show, more ambiguous and contradictory.
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