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Alleviated in a sentence

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Sentence count:62+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-08-10Updated:2017-08-10
Similar words: alleviatealleviationabbreviatedleviathanlevitatedeviateabbreviateelevatedMeaning: [ə'liːvɪeɪt] adj. (of pain or sorrow) made easier to bear. random good picture
1. These problems have been greatly alleviated by the passing of the new Act.
2. They alleviated the boredom of waiting by singing songs.
3. In a world in which medical science has alleviated pain, he will not learn to take painful stimuli.
4. Storage problems have been alleviated by the arrival of two large containers which have now been waterproofed and painted.
5. Supply tightness is likely to be alleviated as the year progresses, putting downward pressure on prices.
6. Presto, the gold standard controlled prices and alleviated trade imbalances.
7. S Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath, and a glass of wine.
8. The dazzle of a grid can be alleviated by weaving, permitting parallels to alternate in domination.
9. This is alleviated by wearing slippers, and by the use of rugs either side of the bed.
10. Heavy rains in March alleviated the drought conditions.
11. These concerns have not been greatly alleviated by subsequent reported cases.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Atrophy in group C alleviated and bacterial translocation rate declined ( 37.5 % ) .
13. It is always completely alleviated by total gastrectomy.
14. That comment hardly alleviated Nora's own misery as Cal led her inside.
15. Results The heel Spur pain could be alleviated by the closing treatment.
16. The drug alleviated her headache in a very short period of time.
17. They alleviated the tiring waiting by singing songs.
18. Results: Pain in 18 patients was significantly alleviated after celiac g anglia block.
19. Result: The results showed shortened labor duration, alleviated pain of uterine contraction, and moderate volume of postpartum hemorrhage in experiment group.
20. As a result, the groundwater overdraft, instead of being alleviated, has gotten worse.
21. If everyone were required to convert their parental trust funds to annuities at retirement, this problem could be alleviated.
22. Many conditions associated with old age can be treated and alleviated, if not cured.
23. For a third of the women these hardships were temporarily alleviated when they obtained new paid employment.
24. Of course[], a general liquidity shortage can not be alleviated by banks withdrawing loans from each other.
25. As in the other mountain regions, population pressure was alleviated to some extent by seasonal migration.
26. They long for transcendence, but their individual anguish is alleviated by the knowledge that they share their fate.
27. Dare one hope that the Murrey Report will have alleviated the situation by the time these words are read?
28. As we've previously reported, depressive symptoms seem to be alleviated by increasing omega-3 fatty acid intake, commonly found in fish.
29. Result the post - operation , all the patients symptoms disappeared or alleviated obviously without complication.
30. Because various countries'Central Bank coordinates diligently, the certain extent alleviated the credit market tense aspect.
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