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Alarm bell in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2019-03-13Updated:2019-03-13
Similar words: bellarmineburglar alarmalarmumbellateembellishembellishedalarmedalarmingMeaning: n. the sound of an alarm (usually a bell). 
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1) In case of fire, ring the alarm bell.
2) At the sound of the alarm bell, the customers ran pell-mell for the doors.
3) Wire the thermometers up to trigger off an alarm bell if the temperature drops.
4) An alarm bell went off.
5) Then he ran up the rope of the alarm bell.
6) First sight of the bailiff's officer the alarm bell would ring out the strikers' angelus.
7) A loud alarm bell rang out soundly and he awoke from a trance.
8) In case it fires, ring the alarm bell.
9) Video game, an art, sounds an alarm bell for traditional art.
10) This the network breaks down incident, ring alarm bell noisy for Internet safety again.
11) Sound the alarm bell in case a fire breaks out.
12) Of this case adjudge also ring noisy alarm bell again to fictitious belongings malfeasant .
13) Harsh reality rings alarm bell noisy to people.
14) In case of fire,( bell.html) alarm bell.
15) In the event of fire, ring the alarm bell.
16) The other man rang the alarm bell.
17) This rings alarm bell noisy to the Chinese company that just joined WTO.
18) It is good that you pressed the alarm bell.
19) In case a fire breaks out, ring the alarm bell.
20) As soon as a key was inserted it rang a loud alarm bell and palace guards would rush in with drawn swords.
21) She tensed; as if some buried defence had been touched by this ultimate surrender, some distant alarm bell sounded.
22) The thing that interested him most, however, was the rope of the great alarm bell on the roof.
23) Moodiness, which imposes a small cost on the relationship, may function as both an alarm bell and as an assessment device to test the strength of the bond.
24) And food safety problem of China, mr Braun already rang alarm bell to us.
25) Anti - corruption work must firmly grasp and sound the alarm bell.
26) After the cleansing work, testing will be conducted and fire alarm bell will ring intermittently.
27) After the emergency work, testing will be conducted and fire alarm bell will ring intermittently.
28) But, be SARS, for us all breed aquatics door, distribute door rings alarm bell noisy.
29) If there is no problem, there will be no alarm bell.
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