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Ail in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-02-05Updated:2017-02-05
Synonym: botherdisturbperturbsuffertroubleSimilar words: snail mailnailbailrailsailjailmailpailMeaning: [eɪl] n. aromatic bulb used as seasoning. v. 1. be unwell, ill, or ill disposed 2. cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed. random good picture
(1) I wandered ail over the city, getting lost then finding myself again where I had started.
(2) Furthermore, the public is told that ail similarities to dolphins are purely coincidental.
(3) Ail that is needed is to throw an oncoming punch off course.
(4) Assuming that eventually ail data users handling personal data on computers are registered, what has been achieved?
(5) Ail: Don't tell my father I was with you, ice cream man.
(6) Iran's national security chief , Ail Larijani , said Monday he believed diplomacy could quickly resolve the issue.
(7) According to the Creating Hope Web site, AIL has seen trainees transfer skills learned in the workshops to positions as representatives in a loya jirga, an Afghan grand assembly.
(8) It's fun to get e - ail from china!
(9) First of ail, summarizing the mediation system of court in China and its origin.
(10) Oh , what could ail thee , knight at arms, alone and palely loitering?
(11) Atmospheric pressure is the weight of ail the air against the surface of the earth.
(12) What should ail me to harm this and miserable babe?
(13) Let me help you get ail spruced up for the party.
(14) Ail cats are grey the dark.
(15) My boss has been aIl Smiles lately but I keep wondering why!
(16) O what can ail thee[], knight-at-arms Alone and palely loitering?
(17) " What should ail me to harm this misbegotten and miserable babe?
(18) Please pick up aIl the pieces of paper.
(19) Seek your sauce where you get your ail.
(20) To ail to feel sick.
(21) That meant that there were seven mouths to feed, and then Daddy began to ail.
(22) These monkeys are used in the manufacture of household articles and headdresses by ail the tribes in whose domain they are found.
(23) One the most famous sports superstars in United States is the boxer Muhammed Ail.
(24) is at least as familiar to me, as a Romanticist, as "What can ail thee, knight at arms?"
(25) It may provide answers to some of the problems that ail America.
(26) The wounds of earth may even be associated with regions that ail you in the physical.
(27) Method: Patients were treated with acupuncture and massage combined a place where ail with distance dialectically.
(28) We ca ot afford to change the packing because the hi will ail after two days.
(29) Look steadfastly to your highest ideal of self, and your steadfast and lofty ideal will draw forth blessing and prosperity not only upon you, but upon ail who know you.
(30) To redress these wrongs, sweeping new regulatory powers will treat the infirmities that ail us.
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