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Aggrieved in a sentence

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1 James was rather aggrieved at Cameron.
2 He felt aggrieved at not being chosen for the team.
3 The villagers felt deeply aggrieved by the closing of the railway station.
4 She was aggrieved at the insult.
5 One aggrieved customer complained that he still hadn't received the book he had ordered several weeks ago.
6 His tone was by turns angry and aggrieved.
7 She is the aggrieved person whose fiance & 1 & did not show up for their wedding.
8 He had every right to feel aggrieved at the decision.
9 I was aggrieved to find that someone had used my toothbrush.
10 I really feel aggrieved at this sort of thing.
11 She is the aggrieved person whose fiance did not show up for their wedding.
12 If you're one of the aggrieved,( address your complaint to.
13 But Joe Public will feel aggrieved our No.1 sport is not available to everyone.
14 Aggrieved, she refused to obey instructions to sit and watch the dancers and took a side door into the cloisters.
15 There has been much muttering among the aggrieved franchisees about the possibility of legal action.
16 She felt aggrieved at that thought and the accompanying flare inside her.
17 Sometimes aggrieved and frustrated citizens take matters into their own hands.
18 Clearly, only one of the aggrieved parties of rent control is the property owner who subsidizes renters.
19 Employees aggrieved by the actions of their employers may seek redress through the courts or at an industrial tribunal.
20 A party aggrieved by a decision of an industrial tribunal has 42 days in which to file an appeal.
21 In malicious falsehood the aggrieved, in this case Miss Joyce, must show the Today's comments are false.
22 A confrontation developed and the aggrieved boy decided to take the matter to the headmaster.
23 Prosecutions by private individuals are much rarer, being brought mainly by aggrieved parties.
24 On the other hand, a breach of warranty allows the aggrieved party to claim damages only.
25 In cases of race and gender bias, such decrees often have produced quotas and preferential treatment for the aggrieved party.
26 Those who were libelled in the Fanzine may feel less aggrieved knowing it was for a good cause.
27 The detainee can make a formal complaint after release, but this offers little solace to the aggrieved individual.
28 If this happens then normal contractual remedies are available to the aggrieved party if the statement turns out to be untrue.
29 Members of those groups which had been left out of broadcasting altogether felt aggrieved and often campaigned vigorously for recognition.
30 The decision takes immediate effect and will remove for many workers the threat of reprisal from aggrieved party officials.
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