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Affluent in a sentence

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Synonym: abundantamplebountifulplentifulrichwealthywell-fixedwell-offwell-to-doSimilar words: effluentfluentinfluentialfluencyinfluenzainfluenceconfluencebafflementMeaning: ['æflʊənt] n. 1. an affluent person; a person who is financially well off 2. a branch that flows into the main stream. adj. having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value. random good picture
(1) Cigarette smoking used to be commoner among affluent people.
(2) This led to the creation of a new, affluent middle class.
(3) It's a fallacy that the affluent give relatively more to charity than the less prosperous.
(4) The diet of the affluent has not changed much over the decades.
(5) It is vital for the affluent countries to do much more through the United Nations to get support and assistance insitu.
(6) Of 300,000 children of the less affluent social classes, only 3,500 get in to a top 13 university.
(7) The affluent viewers who watch financial news are highly prized by advertisers.
(8) But it will give affluent viewers a foretaste of life with cable television.
(9) But in an affluent society the problem of poverty is fundamentally different from what it is in an underdeveloped economy.
(10) Home grills for the newly affluent.
(11) Both came from affluent backgrounds and were educated at Ivy League schools.
(12) Affluent people tend to look upon illiteracy with comfortable detachment.
(13) Of course it seems hard in our affluent times that the poor miner should have to suffer all of these deductions.
(14) Often we produce just the opposite, because the affluent become the most intense users of the service.
(15) The student government is comprised of affluent, upper-middle-class kids who listen to the blacks and feel guilty.
(16) They were affluent, but they put absolutely no premium on education.
(17) The Strand is one of London's busiest and most affluent streets.
(18) They tend to be more mature, more responsible, and to come from more affluent homes.
(19) This applies especially to the life of the more affluent, most of whom are concentrated in the advanced societies.
(20) They say that the pack reached only the more affluent areas where house prices averaged £150,000.
(21) Here, as also in pages to come, we see the most singular feature of the affluent society taking form.
(22) After graduation from high school, he went to work for his uncle, an affluent rice wholesaler.
(23) Hijras venture out into the streets to demand money from whoever seems affluent enough.
(24) Surprisingly the greatest use had been among children in reasonably affluent neighbourhoods.
(25) Spatial mobility tends to be highest amongst the most affluent groups on the one hand and the most poor on the other.
(26) A few decades ago, the average cruise ship passenger was elderly, affluent, and retired. Not anymore.
(27) At the same time, we all know children from affluent families who are starved for moral and ethical guidance.
(28) A wealthy partner risks money on the prudence of less affluent partners.
(29) I had been guilty of this when my children were small in the early 1960s and living the affluent life.
(30) We have retained a healthy share of middleand upper-class readers, an affluent audience attractive to advertisers.
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