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Adieu in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-08-16Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: adiosarrivederciau revoirauf wiedersehenbyebye-byecheeriogood daygood-bygood-byegoodbygoodbyesayonaraso longSimilar words: tie updiedie fordie outdie awaycarpe diemingredienttradingMeaning: n. a farewell remark. 
1. bid adieu to sb.
2. Within an hour he had kissed Maeve adieu and they were on the road south to Westminster.
3. Bidding them adieu we departed.
4. They bade both the merchant and his paramour adieu.
5. I bid you adieu.
6. say adieu to sb.
7. He bid her adieu .
8. And now, my dear child, adieu for the present.
9. On commencement day we shall bid adieu to our alma mater.
10. Adieu, there is nothing that I will not brave for your sake.
11. Do not hasten to bid me adieu.
12. First Senator . Adieu, brave Moor, use Desdemona well.
13. The young man silently bade adieu to his hometown.
14. Adieu, my dear friend, and believe me ever yours very sincerely and with unalterable affection.
15. Should I really adieu to this summer?
16. Dry sorrow drinks our blood. Adieu Adieu.
17. We are gathered here today to bid adieu to Lizzie the lizard.
18. Adieu, my friends, would I could press you all to my heart.
19. She waved adieu to us from the doorway.
20. Make an adieu with the family in the evening.
21. We have just called in to bid you adieu.
22. Should I really bid adieu to this summer? Notwithstanding how heartrending the sorrow of parting is.
23. Gentlemen, I bid you adieu.
24. Then he made his adieu.
25. The lady prioress, a pure wool cloak wrapped around her, came down to bid us adieu.
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26. With the bathos of Napoleon departing for Elba or Michael Jordan bidding adieu to basketball, Mr Calacanis bowed out, reverting to the ancient medium of e-mail to disseminate his opinions.
27. He was attired as he had been on the previous evening, and waved his pocket-handkerchief to his guest in token of adieu.
28. And to the bonny Bann banks forever I ll bid adieu.
29. With Mr Heathcliff, grim and saturnine, on the one hand, and Hareton, absolutely dumb, on the other, I made a somewhat cheerless meal, and bid adieu early.
30. We hope you, too, will be saying "goodbye" to programming complexity soon as you create web applications and web services with ADIEU.
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