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Adequacy in a sentence

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Antonym: deficiencyinadequacyinsufficiencySimilar words: adequateinadequatesequaciousquackquackeryloquaciousaquacultureequalMeaning: ['ædɪkwəsɪ] n. 1. the quality of being able to meet a need satisfactorily: "he questioned the adequacy of the usual sentimental interpretation of the Golden Rule" 2. the quality of being sufficient for the end in view. 
1) The adequacy of the security arrangements has been questioned.
2) The adequacy of public health care has been brought into question.
3) He doubted her adequacy for the job.
4) Capital adequacy. To what extent have banks sufficient reserves of capital to cover the possibility of default by creditors?
5) It also enabled an assessment of the adequacy of the provisions in the eyes of the respondent.
6) The logical consistency and adequacy of the theory will then be tested by building computer simulation models of it.
7) They will not inquire into the adequacy of the consideration he has asked for and received.
8) Questions for Discussion 1 Discuss the adequacy of assemblies as representative institutions.
9) He begins by questioning the adequacy of their measurement of the functional importance of positions.
10) The adequacy of this supervision was, however, questioned following the collapse of Johnson Matthey Bank in 1984.
11) The adequacy of their assessment was investigated by having independent judges make ratings of transcripts from audio-tape recordings of their assessment interviews.
12) The prose of this chapter measures the adequacy of verbal accounts of catastrophe in the age of photographic reproduction.
13) If you are unsure about the adequacy of your daily diet, look at the list of symptoms below.
14) However, a much stronger negative association was found between neurotic symptoms and the perceived adequacy of social relationships.
15) It is essential to have good professional advice, and to review the adequacy of your insurance cover from time to time.
16) Later sections will cast further and more consequential doubt on the adequacy of the inductivist stance on observation.
17) The moral is that the need to clearly communicate findings must always take precedence over considerations of technical adequacy.
18) But concern mounted that the fall in the stock market may start to undermine banks' capital adequacy ratios.
19) It is hoped that this work can contribute a better empirical basis to discussion about the adequacy of benefit levels.
20) Secondly, the measurement of performance depends heavily on the relevance, adequacy and timeliness of information.
21) There are exceptions to the rule that the court will not inquire into the adequacy of the consideration.
22) Youths are taught nutrition-related skills, enabling them to improve the adequacy of their diets.
23) Under Czech banking law, all banks must meet a capital adequacy ratio of 8 percent.
24) I hope that they will not be interpreted as questioning the adequacy of existing services.
25) Basic needs theorists argue that it is more fruitful to stress results rather than inputs in order to measure the adequacy of development policy.
26) From these figures it monitored key ratios which indicated the capital adequacy,[] liquidity and degree of risk for each firm.
27) In particular it monitors each firm's conduct and capital adequacy.
28) The Bank has not given a formal ruling on this method of presentation from a capital adequacy perspective.
29) Does not the court indicate that it is necessary to inquire into the adequacy of the consideration in cases of this type?
30) The relatively young joint-stock banks grew rapidly in recent years, and made substantial progress in terms of innovation and capital adequacy after listing, mostly in the past 10 years.
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