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Aden in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-08-27Updated:2017-08-27
Similar words: ladendeadenleadencadencecadenzadead-endbroadenadenineMeaning: n. an important port of Yemen; located on the Gulf of Aden; its strategic location have made it a major trading center of southern Arabia since ancient times. 
(1) It's due to put in at Aden and some other ports before arriving in Basra.
(2) On our way back to Aden we attended a gathering of Arab sheikhs, who presented my father with a magnificent dagger.
(3) Having been divorced three times, Aden admits he's far from infallible.
(4) Today the Gulf of Aden is a full-fledged ocean by tectonic standards.
(5) In Aden the path forward became clear, the alternative strategy was revealed.
(6) About 33,000 ships transited the Gulf of Aden last year, according to Pentagon data.
(7) Port security in Aden and Mombasa has been stepped up.
(8) Aden is a former British protectorate.
(9) Beyond Aden and the well-protected oil infrastructure, much of the south has become a danger zone for northern security forces.
(10) Gulf of Aden connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean by way of the Suez Canal.
(11) When passing Gulf of Aden, try to passing the utmost danger area in the night.
(12) The rest of the Aden paraffin are arranged in Hatch No. 4 lower hold fore part. Maybe it's omitted in the plan.
(13) I did two tours all the way round to the Gulf and right round to Aden which was very pleasant.
(14) There is an analogy to be drawn here with Nizan's trip to Aden.
(15) But any day now(, his two agents should be arriving from Aden.
(16) In the past, air support from the RAF base at Aden had been enough to keep the peace between the rival warring tribes.
(17) Somali pirates operate in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden.
(18) We'll also seek to prosecute those believed responsible for the attack on the USS Cole [in Aden, Yemen], which killed 17 American sailors six years ago last week.
(19) Because there are many galleys to convoy and patrol in the gulf of Aden, piracy has changed way to hijack merchantman.
(20) This grainy video from the Greek Navy shows captured pirates in the Gulf of Aden.
(21) Today, the deteriorating security situation in the seas off war-torn Somalia and the Gulf of Aden (and in the increasingly volatile Gulf of Guinea) are at the heart of the problem.
(22) The USS Cole was refuelling in the port of Aden in Yemen when it was attacked in 2000.
(23) The Navy ship USS Cole was bombed in 2000 by al-Qaida members in a speedboat in the Yemeni port of Aden, killing 17 U.S. sailors.
(24) In a reminder of the limitations of naval operations even in the Gulf of Aden, pirates hijacked a large Italian-operated bulk carrier there early Monday.
(25) The American army has viewed China's deployment in the Gulf of Aden, initially involving two destroyers and a supply ship, as a useful way of getting to know more about a secretive force.
(26) In September, a Danish warship captured 10 men suspected of being pirates cruising around the Gulf of Aden with rocket-propelled grenades and a long ladder.
(27) This meeting is a follow-up of Bahrein meeting this August which plans to focus on the zoned escorting cooperation in the Aden Gulf so as to work out the best practice in international cooperation.
(28) Somali pirates hijacked the St Vincent and Grenadines-flagged sugar cargo vessel and its crew of 24 Thursday in the Gulf of Aden, the European Union naval force said.
(29) The SAS were in Malaya in the 1940 s and Aden in the 1960 s.
(30) On June 19, the group retaliated with a lethal attack on a government security compound in Aden that left 11 people dead and said the "brigade of the martyr Jamil al-Anbari" carried it out.
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