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Activated charcoal in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2018-03-12Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: charcoalactivatedcharcoal grayactivatereactivatedeactivateprivate detectiveactivatorMeaning: n. powdered or granular carbon used for purifying by adsorption; given orally (as a slurry) it is an antidote for some kinds of poisons. 
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(1) Activated charcoal, spread on a pan like baking soda, also alleviates an odor problem.
(2) Activated charcoal with sorbitol was administered by nasogastric tube.
(3) Repeated doses of oral activated charcoal have not yet been shown to reduce morbidity and mortality.
(4) Turning to the third question, repeat doses of activated charcoal are thought to act in several ways.
(5) The orange skin, the activated charcoal have used, useless!
(6) At present applies most absorbents is the activated charcoal[], applies maturely already in the industry.
(7) Activated charcoal is known to be an excellent catalyst for many reactions.
(8) Another, activated charcoal, lessens the danger of poisons.
(9) Activated charcoal in the prehospital setting . [ comment ] .
(10) Removes the efficiency: In powdery activated charcoal pellet activated charcoal big pellet activated charcoal.
(11) The canister is filled with activated charcoal.
(12) The therapeutic effect of hemoperfusion with activated charcoal or Amberlite XAD - 7 on endotoxicshock rat were observed.
(13) Conclusion: Activated charcoal powder is an effective method in estimating the function of maxillary sinus cilia.
(14) A type powdery activated charcoal was preduced from xylitol residue with phosphoric acid as activating agent.
(15) The lavation regenerative method is leaves in the activated charcoal pore with the laundering the sulfuric acid, again carries on to the activated charcoal dryly.
(16) As he was thought to have abused an hallucinogenic drug, he was given activated charcoal and sorbitol by nasogastric tube.
(17) He was then sedated and ventilated to facilitate further examination and investigation. Activated charcoal with sorbitol was administered by nasogastric tube.
(18) The tilapia heels was used as raw material and powder activated charcoal technology of removal bitter and fishiness in hydrolyzed protein was studied by single factor and orthogonal experiment.
(19) Contrady, it is good for increasing quantity and quality of somatic embryogensis with activated charcoal.
(20) A new solid phase microextraction (SPME) fiber coated with activated charcoal was estimated by determination of benzene, toluene and xylene(BTX)in indoor air.
(21) Methods: Set up mouse model of cathartic colon, and measure intestine transmission function by detecting activated charcoal moving in the intestine.
(22) Conclusion:It's a effective method to estimate the function of cilia using activated charcoal powder to test MCT of maxillary sinus.
(23) These can be removed using certain oxidation procedures or activated charcoal.
(24) A specially designed two-choice olfactometer that joined to air filter with activated charcoal was utilized in judging the preference of insects between two materials.
(25) This selects the aloe gelatin powder, After extraction separation, again further uses the for medicinal purposes activated charcoal to decolorize obtains the aloe oil.
(26) The most common approach with any organic chemical (whether it be paint fumes or a nerve toxin like Sarin) is activated charcoal.
(27) Also may request actually according to the user, development production special target activated charcoal.
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