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Actionable in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-04-23Updated:2017-04-23
Similar words: unobjectionablequestionableunquestionablefashionableunconscionableimpressionableunquestionablyreactionaryMeaning: ['ækʃnəbl] adj. affording grounds for legal action. random good picture
(1) A slander is not actionable unless it is published to a third person.
(2) His remarks are actionable in my view.
(3) Just as actionable negligence requires the foreseeability of harm to others, so contributory negligence requires the foreseeability of harm to oneself.
(4) The assertion of exclusive rights will, however, be actionable in tort.
(5) Thus there was no actionable official policy or custom.
(6) A statement is not an actionable misrepresentation unless it induced the other party to enter the contract.
(7) Criminal Law is actionable officially by the prosecution of offenders.
(8) The biggest actionable concern is time to recover from overload.
(9) In this scenario, the Actionable Event filter is the same as that in the 1 simple rule scenario.
(10) This warning is considered reviewable, but not necessarily actionable.
(11) This article provides an actionable approach to develop a zero - injury safety culture adopted Six Sigma methodology.
(12) Be careful what you say your remarks may be actionable.
(13) She denies that her company has been involved in any actionable activity.
(14) Our lawyer advised us that the breach of contract was actionable.
(15) In those circumstances I hold that the undoubted disturbance to the residents is not actionable.
(16) It soon became clear that breach of confidence was actionable perse, and did not require a contractual relationship between the parties.
(17) The police kept up their enquiries and one or two likely candidates rose to the surface, but nothing was clearly actionable.
(18) This then is not a true obligation for performance, because once the promise becomes actionable performance is no longer possible.
(19) It makes it abundantly clear that even the possession and academic presentation of information necessary for an ethnography could be actionable.
(20) These matters confirm me in the view already expressed that the disturbance complained of in this case is not actionable.
(21) The judge ruled that Newman's comments were not an actionable offense.
(22) Thus an agreement to break a contract may not be actionable.
(23) Things like always having a notebook and pen on hand to capture to-do items as they came up, daily and weekly action items, and the next actionable item for any task.
(24) So start writing your plan and list out as many actionable steps as you can.
(25) In WTO Uruguay Conference, subsidy is classified as Prohibited subsidies, Auctionable subsidies and Non - actionable subsidies.
(26) As its business grows, it is imperative that its Operations team can manage the system in a scalable manner by relying on automated actionable event detection.
(27) Problems which allow for smaller incremental changes or improvements are believed to be more actionable.
(28) If objectives are to be meaningful to people, they must be clear, attainable, actionable, and verifiable.
(29) Data mining is a process of extracting valid , previously unknown, comprehensible and actionable infonnation from database.
(30) Such damages may be awarded whether the defamation is actionable per se or per quod.
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