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Acoustics in a sentence

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Similar words: statisticsrusticjusticedo justicea couple ofsemanticsaestheticsoustMeaning: [-ks] n. the study of the physical properties of sound. 
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1. The auditorium has comfortable seating and modern acoustics.
2. The acoustics of the new concert hall are excellent.
3. The acoustics of this concert hall are excellent.
4. Any honest guitar maker will admit that making acoustics is no exact science, but an unpredictable art.
5. As is the norm with most modern acoustics, the truss rod is again adjusted from inside the soundhole.
6. Seats are small but plush, and the acoustics are excellent.
7. The acoustics of an empty garage or any interior location intensifies the decibels to an unbearable level.
8. The acoustics in the auditorium weren't the best, but the audience didn't care.
9. The hall has good acoustics.
10. They were not helped, however, by the unflattering acoustics of the hall, nor by the late arrivals.
11. The arena is known for its outstanding acoustics.
12. The hall has excellent acoustics.
13. By some freak of the acoustics his name seemed to echo round and round the chamber.
14. Room acoustics Room acoustics can completely alter speech reception.
15. Indoors, you may have trouble with the acoustics of the room in which you are recording.
16. Palmer originally specialised in acoustics but became interested in the physics of the Earth and in measuring ages by radiocarbon dating.
17. Based on the theory of acoustics, this paper analyzes the character of geometrical spreading loss of finite line sound source on three types of directivity-monopole, intermediate pole and dipole.
18. In applied acoustics field, the sound absorption measurement of an acoustic material and structure is always an important and basic task.
19. High fidelity acoustics are not only associated with acoustic system and sound source, but also with the acoustic character of the place.
20. The concert was recorded in a French church that is famous for its acoustics.
21. Now more San Diego restaurants, like Tapenade, agree and have begun upgrading their acoustics.
22. Merola closed his eyes and listened, astounded by the stadium's amazing acoustics.
23. A year or so later the guitars that really killed the Levin came in - the first flat-top Yamaha acoustics.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. You would be at the mercy of the hall's acoustics and ideally you would need to practise a bit beforehand.
25. Apparently Smoky only cares about tree-covered areas when it involves gun clubs and the preservation of acoustics for tourists riding trams.
26. It can be used to cheat acoustic detection post of enemy effectively and reduce the gun acquisition probability from enemy acoustics detection and improve survivability of the gun position.
27. Acoustic refrigeration technology is a boundary science which is between acoustics and thermodynamics.
28. The auditorium acoustic design is to gain the excellent room acoustics effect.
29. The acoustical wave equation is presented a serial spatial and time iterative equations and room acoustics field is simulated using finite difference time domain method.
30. The reconstruction of reflection coefficients using active Near-field Acoustical Holography is based on the theory of wave acoustics.
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