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Acetamide in a sentence

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Similar words: acetaminophenparacetamolacetanilideacetalketamineacetateamidecetaceanMeaning: n. a colorless solid amide of acetic acid used as a solvent and in the synthesis of organic compounds. 
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1 Firstly, indoline - 3 - acetamide ( 9) was prepared from indole - 3 - acetic acid by catalytic hydrogenation, esterification and aminolysis.
2 Finally, condensation of (IV) with 2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)acetamide (V) by means of KOH in MeOH gives the desired product.
3 Objective To inspect bacterial endotoxin test for acetamide pyrrolidine and sodium chloride injection.
4 N-Methyl-2-(4-phenoxyphenoxy) acetamide was synthesized from 4-phenoxyphenol and 2-chloroacetyl methylamine with DMF as solvent and potassium carbonate as catalyst.
5 Acetamide derivatives, process for producing the same, and medicinal composition containing the same.
6 N-vinyl-N-methyl-acetamide was synthesized from N-methyl acetamide and vinyl acetate with potassium hydroxide as catalyst.
7 Condusion:Vsing muscle injection of acetamide can cure the patients with fluorin raticide poisoning in the early period,( the curative effect and safety were fairly good.
8 Conclusions Use great dose of acetamide can improve the successful rates of salvage, it can avoid the local stimulation effect of injection, has better effect.
9 The N, N-dimethyl acetamide is used as the reaction solvent, therefore, the reaction time is shortened, and simultaneously, the obtained Gallant-Super has high yield rate and good optical purity.
10 Methoxyphenyl acetonitrile was synthesized from(4hydroxyphenyl)acetamide through methylation and dehydration. The total yield reached 76.5% and the purity 99.5%.
11 The results showed that using culture medium of acetamide enzyme could detect Pseudomonas aeruginosa in bottle water rapidly, and this detection method was faster than conventional detection method.
12 Nano- hydroxyapatite was synthesized by hydrothermal method in the submerged circulating impinging stream reactor, using calcium nitrate and sodium phosphate as reactants and acetamide as dispersant.
13 Strain SDN could denitrify nitrate companying with the formation of nitrite in aerobic environment. It could use acetamide as the sole carbon and nitrogen sources.
14 Objective:The research niter benzene puts down to the recovery period fluorine acetamide is poisoned patient's electroencephalogram influence.
15 Objective: To research the curative effectiveness and safety of muscle injection for curing children fluorin acetamide poisoning.
16 The infrared spectral analysis of the hydrolyzation product shows that the hydrolyzation product contains carboxyl, acetamide group, and a small amount of cyanogen group.
17 The extraction mechanism of palladium in chloride system by di ( 1 - methyl heptyl ) acetamide ( N _ ( 503 )) has been studied.
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