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Acetal in a sentence

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Similar words: acetaldehydeacetatecetaceanacetabularacetabulumparacetamolacetaminophenface to face withMeaning: n. any organic compound formed by adding alcohol molecules to aldehyde molecules. 
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1. The synthesis of isobutyraldehyde 1,2-propanediol acetal from isobutyraldehyde and 1,2-propanediol catalyzed by the strongly acidic cation exchange resin of styrene system was studied.
2. Butyraldehyde 1,2 propanediol acetal was synthesized by using stannous chloride as catalyst.
3. The synthetic method of acetal suitable for the industrialization was introduced.
4. Aim Enanthal diethyl acetal is prepared with heptaldehyde and triethyl orthoformate as raw materials.
5. Benzaldehyde ethylene glycol acetal was directly synthesized from benzaldehyde and ethylene glycol under microwave irradiation with cupric sulfate as catalyst.
6. The invention relates to various aromatic diacid ester acetal polymers and a synthesis method of the aromatic diacid ester acetal polymers.
7. Under these conditions, the yield of butyraldehyde glycol acetal is 71.1%.
8. Diisobutyl acetal was synthesized by the condensation of paraldehyde and iso-butyl alcohol.
9. The enanthal diethyl acetal is synthesized catalyzed by sodium bisulfate , with heptaldehyde and ethanol as raw materials.
10. Phenylacetaldehyde ethylene glycol acetal was synthesized with phenylacetaldehyde and ethylene glycol as raw materials in the presence of phosphotungstic acid supported on MCM-41 molecular sieve.
11. In this paper, 2,2-dimethylolbutyraldehyde was synthesized through the acetal reaction of formaldehyde and butyraldehyde, using silicotungstic acid as catalyst.
12. The butyraldehyde 1,2-propanediol acetal is synthesized from the acetalization reaction of butyraldehyde and 1,2-propanediol, and used iodine as catalysis.
13. UV Stabilized Acetal Homopolymer, Black, Medium Viscosity.
14. Among the more important are nylon, acetal resins, polycarbonate resins, and ABS resins.
14. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
15. And we also study the acetal structure and its influence of thermal stability of polyvinyl acetal which was used as toughening agent and tackifier.
16. Butyraldehyde 1,2 proparediol acetal was synthesized by using stannous chloride as catalyst.
17. Butyraldehyde glycol acetal was synthesized from butyraldehyde and glycol by using iodine as catalyst.
18. Using conditional test, the isobutyraldehyde glycol acetal was synthesized from isobutyraldehyde and ethylene glycol by direct esterification using strong acidic cation exchange resin as catalyst.
19. Specifications for particular types of winding wires - Part 14 : polyvinyl acetal enamelled round aluminium wire, class 105.
20. This grade provides additional strength and stiffness over unfilled acetal grades while presenting a metal appearance surface.
21. The necessary material of 2 - ( 2 - methoethyl ) acetaldehyde diethyl acetal was synthesized in addition.
22. Various aromatic diacids and various divinyl ether compounds are heated to react in organic solvent to obtain novel ester acetal polymers.
23. In this paper , the synthesis and application of glycerol cyclic acetal acrylates were investigated.
24. This paper reports the using of molybdophosphoric acid in synthesizing heptyl aldehyde ethylene acetal and meanwhile probes into the synthesizing conditions.
25. Experimental results showed that the properties of crosslinked adhesive of PVA are superior than those of polyvinyl acetal adhesive. Further-more, it has innoxious to people, it is a excellent en...
26. This process makes it possible to obtain pulverulent alditol acetal compositions that have improved density, particle size and flow characteristics.
27. The promotion action of ionic liquid as an accelerant in synthesizing benzaldehyde ethanediol acetal and benzaldehyde propanediol acetal was studied.
28. UNC Zinc Plated Bolt , 2 X Self Lubricating Acetal Journal Bearings, Tread is mechanical interlock to hub.
29. To develop a synthetic route of 4 (N, N dimethylamino)butanal diethyl acetal .
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