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Accord in a sentence

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Synonym: agreementconformityharmonyAntonym: disaccorddisagreedisagreementdiscordSimilar words: accordionaccordingaccord withaccording toin accordance withaccostsuccorcordMeaning: [ə'kɔːd] n. 1. harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters 2. concurrence of opinion 3. a written agreement between two states or sovereigns 4. sympathetic compatibility. v. 1. go together 2. allow to have. 
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1 The club members voted with one accord to raise the dues.
2 He decided to go of his own accord.
3 I am in accord with your plan.
4 Such an act would not be in accord with our policy.
5 A peace accord was reached on 26 March.
6 What he has just said does not accord with the views of the majority.
7 Botanists are not in complete accord about how many species exist.
8 in accord in agreement with: This action would not be in accord with our policy.
9 His behaviour does not accord with his principles.
10 They came to an accord that profits should be shared equally.
11 I am glad to find myself in general accord with your opinions.
12 His views accord with public opinion.
13 The elections are mandated by a peace accord signed by the government last May.
14 She came of her own accord. No one asked her to come.
15 The accord also lays down guidelines for the conduct of American drug enforcement agents.
16 He came back of his own accord.
17 The project is completely in accord with government policy.
18 They claim that signature of the peace accord did not imply recognition of the state's sovereignty.
19 With one accord[], the delegates walked out of the conference.
20 What you say does not accord with the previous evidence.
21 These results accord closely with our predictions.
22 They praised Tom with one accord.
23 She mentioned it of her own accord.
24 On 31 May the two leaders signed a peace accord.
25 The fact that he had left her of his own accord proved to me that everything he'd said was true.
26 They run away from the problem,[] hoping it will disappear of its own accord.
27 The army was accused of committing violations against the accord.
28 It is important to the success of any firm that its partners should be in complete accord.
29 The Secretary of State and his Russian counterpart met to try to nail down the elusive accord.
30 There was a silence as the women turned with one accord to stare at Doreen.
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