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Abnormal in a sentence

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Synonym: eccentricinsaneirregularmonstrousoddunnaturalAntonym: normalnormalityregularusualSimilar words: abnormalityformalnormalformallynormallyinformalnormalitysemiformalMeaning: [æb'nɔːml] adj. 1. not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm 2. departing from the normal in e.g. intelligence and development 3. much greater than the normal. 
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1. An abnormal climate stunted the crops.
2. Tests revealed some abnormal skin cells.
3. Is the child abnormal in any way?
4. Scientists have identified the gene that causes abnormal growth.
5. abnormal shortness of fingers and toes.
6. My parents thought it was abnormal for a boy to be interested in ballet.
7. The abnormal bleeding is your body's own red flag of danger.
8. They thought his behaviour was abnormal.
9. The ship was blown off course by abnormal weather conditions.
10. This warm weather is abnormal for February.
11. We do not think such an abnormal phenomenon will last long.
12. Traumatising a child with an abnormal fear of strangers probably won't do much good.
13. Her makeup so unbelievably dramatic, so abnormal, she looked mentally ill.
14. Gail said her gynecologist tells her all the abnormal cells are gone for now.
15. Possibly a congenital abnormal connection was present between the cystic duct and the right biliary system.
16. Seasoned golf pros have learned to adjust for abnormal strength when they are charged up.
17. It recognizes abnormal cells, destroys them or walls them off.
18. But the statistics are heavily distorted by abnormal economic policies.
19. An abnormal coagulation profile and raised portal pressure then tend to enhance longitudinal and circumferential expansion, resulting in submucosal dissection.
20. Analysis of normal and abnormal function of central pattern generators probably has a more general significance.
21. The patient has an abnormal rhythm in the upper chamber of his heart.
22. The doctor checked his eyes but there was no abnormal pupil dilation.
23. The machinist pressed his ear to the instrument in order to listen and tell where the abnormal sound came from.
24. At a deeper level, however,[] the concept of the mentally abnormal female offender has come under scrutiny.
25. In both respects the schizophrenic brain appears to be abnormal.
26. Horses kept in small yards by themselves develop repetitive patterns of abnormal behaviour, such as whirling in circles and chasing their tails.
27. The research found that alpha rays may cause damage to cells which only becomes apparent much later when abnormal chromosomes appear.
28. The threshold of phasic sphincter contraction reverted to normal in the three patients with abnormal values.
29. The subsequent events that lead to the rupture of these abnormal vessels are unclear.
30. An alternative might be interference with bacterial adhesion by pathogenic Escherichia coli, which have abnormal adherence in ulcerative colitis.
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