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A posteriori in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2017-03-21
Similar words: posteritysuperiorityinferiorityulteriorexterioranteriorinteriorsuperiority complexMeaning: adj. 1. involving reasoning from facts or particulars to general principals or from effects to causes 2. requiring evidence for validation or support. adv. derived from observed facts. random good picture
1. Either the maximum likelihood estimate or the maximum a posteriori estimate may be used in place of the exact value in the above equations.
2. A maximum a posteriori estimation approach is used to evaluate the optimal values for the estimates of the parameters.
3. Focused on a posteriori error estimates for a finite volume discretization of an elliptic problem.
4. A posteriori, what could you have done differently to improve your performance in this simulation?
5. Focused on a posteriori error estimates a finite volume discretization of an elliptic problem.
6. Therefore, maximum a posteriori estimates can be regarded as regularization ( regularization ) of the maximum likelihood estimate.
7. A new maximum a posteriori (MAP) super-resolution algorithm is proposed to reduce the complexity of blur parameter adjustment and the iterative computation load.
8. The a posteriori plan was thought out after he learned how to play the game.
9. We use Bayesian maximum a posteriori estimation training a speaker model from background model, to solve the problem of model miss matching in speaker verification system.
10. Adjustment and a posteriori estimation carry out at the same time. So as to ensure the data processing more comprehensively.
11. The method is to derive the maximum a posteriori estimate of the regions and the boundaries by using Bayesian inference and neighborhood constraints based on Markov random fields(MRFs) models.
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12. The segmentation problem is the maximizing a posteriori estimation of the set of object area result from the watershed labeled.
13. In the paper, moving object segmentation algorithm based on mean field theory (MFT) using maximum a posteriori estimation of Markov random field (MRF-MAP) is proposed.
14. The Bayesian estimation is derived through statistical analysis and it is shown to be equivalent to the maximization of the a Posteriori Probability.
15. Knowledge of this kind is called apriori, in contradistinction to empirical knowledge, which has its sources a posteriori, that is, in experience.
16. In this paper, a comprehensive survey for the state of art of a posteriori error estimates in finite element computation for magnetostatics since 1980s is presented.
17. To solve the effect of channel changes on the performance of speaker identification system , apply the method of maximum a posteriori to specific channel compensation.
18. The application of a Gaussian Markov Random Fields (GMRF) based Maximum A Posteriori Probability (MAP) estimation for image Gaussian noise filter was presented.
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