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IPS in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2018-12-06Updated:2018-12-06
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1. Every connection that you make to the network is stamped with your IP address.
2. Animals were kept under light anaesthesia thereafter with ip chloral hydrate.
3. The TCP/IP implementation is still poorly documented.
4. FastPort provides a TCP/IP interface so that Unix computers can spool directly to the printer.
5. FastPort provides a TCP/IP interface for the printer so that Unix computers can spool directly to the printer.
6. This included the Fastport 3000, allowing users to connect shared serial or parallel printers directly on to a Unix TCP/IP network.
7. The shared conference board allows disparate users to simultaneously view and annotate documents and drawings over TCP/IP networks.
8. From the central storage server, files can be accessed by any client computer offering TCP/IP and supporting either file transfer protocol.
9. Standard IPS spigot connection fits slip - socket valve end connector.
10. Both the Times story and the IPS study conflate an accounting entry called "current portion of U.S. taxes" with the taxes a company sends the IRS.
11. METHODS: Based on the principle of EMG, IPs of muscle bundle of temporalis and mimetic muscle were determined.
12. Ips and Dendroctonus are regarded as attacking bark beetle and all species bore and damage Pinus.
13. A case of inflammatory pseudotumor ( IPS ) of the urinary bladder is described.
14. Scott Klinger, chief author of the IPS study, readily concedes that "current tax" is a "best approximation" rather than the actual amount that companies pay the IRS or get back from it.
15. Many experts feel the advent of iPS cells makes therapeutic cloning redundant.
16. Objective To discuss the effect on transvenous embolization of carotid-cavernous sinus fistula(CCF) via the inferior petrosal sinus(IPS) pathway.
17. Usage of cloud resources (i.e. memory, CPU, IPs) is also tracked at a user or user group level allowing CloudBurst to support chargeback across an enterprise.
18. Each group has 10 models made in IPS - Empress and 10 made in In — ceram Alumina.
19. Result IPS courses in the sulcus for inferior petrosal sinus, that was,[] on the intracranial surface of the petroclival fissure which was made up of the clivus and the petrous pyramid.
20. We expected to jump into the new trainer and show our new IPs we were pilots.
21. Objective Explore the mechanism of intermittent pre - excitation syndrome ( IPS ).
22. IPS automatically shutdown if overload exceeds 120% of normal value for 10 seconds, IPS automatically resume work if overload comes to rated load.
23. Give the tree structures for the following sentences - include IPs and CPs.
24. He then corrected the sickle-cell genetic defect and prodded the iPS cells to develop into the type of marrow stem cell that manufactures a mouse's blood cells.
25. Our forum would reship share various useful articles and the newest software mends from the official forum of IPS . Thanks a lot.
26. Less expensive and more efficient than the process that produced Dolly the sheep, the iPS approach also would skirt the language of many current prohibitions against human reproductive cloning.
27. Effect of core ∶ dentin thickness ratio on the flexure strength of IPS Empress heat - pressed all - ceramic restorative material.
28. Frank Boettcher, director of the German Institute for Weather and Climate Communication, told IPS that "the present winter does not contradict the global climate change trend at all."
29. The peripheral bus that conform the PVCI standard usually used to connect IPs with low speed and low data width.
30. How can I see the traffic going between two IPs on a switched network?
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