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IDE in a sentence

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(1) Beware the Ides of March.
(2) The days after the Ides were reckoned as days before the Calends of the succeeding month.
(3) Swap space is located in the first IDE hard drive in the sixth partition, the second logical drive in an extended partition.
(4) CD - ROM For most standard SCSI or IDE CD - ROMs, the standard drivers should work without problems.
(5) Wind River Systems's IDE - Wind River Workbench 2.0, an integrated development environment fully supports point - to - point devices.
(6) When testing an IDE, the first thing I do is start typing and banging out code.
(7) Place commas i ide, not outside, quotation marks. Follow this practice whether or not the comma is part of the original quotation.
(8) In this paper, a design of IDE interface controller core based on ATA/ATAPI-5 standard is described detailed in the aspects of external interface, structure, modules included and their function.
(9) You could use a modern Java IDE like Eclipse to automatically generate most of the boilerplate code, but that would be only a partial solution.
(10) Block devices include both IDE and SCSI based devices.
(11) Older Linux systems also reported geometry in the /proc filesystem, in a file such as /proc/ide/hda/geometry, a file that may not be present on newer systems.
(12) RDT is a far more full-featured Ruby IDE with a ton of exciting and time-saving options.
(13) In 2004 farmers in India purchased enough IDE equipment to irrigate 20(,000 acres.
(14) An IDE provide convenience of writing software to programmer , it promote the efficiency of develop software.
(15) As you can see, all three components—the IDE, the RMA, and the rules engine—are using a common rules repository.
(16) What gave you the idea to create an IDE for Erlang?
(17) Now that all the parts of the PHP IDE and Zend debugger are in place, you'll set up a debug session using a current Drupal project within Eclipse.
(18) S. IDE studies are completed, a clearer role for the place of cervical disc replacement in the spine surgeon's armamentarium should emerge.
(19) VB Programming tool IDE, with compiler, resource file for the DLL export functions.
(20) Solution Explorer toward the middle of the IDE, move the pointer over the far left arrow of the guide diamond, and then release the mouse button.
(21) Anders Hejlsberg: Most of it was actually usability studies of IDE features.
(22) When specified, the project or project group is built automatically when the IDE starts.
(23) Integration with Bugzilla, JIRA, and Hudson rounds off the complete project management cycle that NetBeans IDE enables you to handle within a single environment.
(24) In 2001, after seven years of development and field tests, IDE introduced an effective, low-cost drip system that resisted clogging and sold for one fifth the price of conventional equipment.
(25) GCC is a successful compiling system with optimization, which supports many high-level language and many platforms. It can be a good choice of compiler of Embedded System IDE.
(26) A new CD-ROM will be created for the cloned VM to mount the VM configuration CD and the VDM will search the IDE buses (first, then SCSI buses) of the VM to find an idle bus for the CD-ROM.
(27) In the fstab file listed above, the root file system is on the first IDE hard drive in the fifth partition, the first logical drive in an extended partition.
(28) Lack of support for the asynchronous communication model can have an impact on client-side development, integration with Web frameworks, use of tag libraries, IDE use, and threading behavior.
(29) The nonlinear FEM based on GIA is implemented in Matlab IDE environment.
(30) With the GLM, we present generic Lidar simulation software, which is implemented on windows platform with VC ++ IDE environment?
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