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CLS in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2019-01-10Updated:2019-01-10
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1. X-ray diffraction analysis shows that CLS can promote the growth of ettringite and restrain the growth of CSH at early-age, while the long-term growth of CSH is not be affected.
2. Creating a CLS - compliant type mandates that your public and protected interfaces contain only CLS - compliant types.
3. For more information on CLS Compliance, see Writing CLS - Compliant Code and Common Language Specification.
4. You must create assemblies that are compliant with the Common Language Subsystem (CLS) to guarantee that developers writing programs in other languages can use your components.
5. This discussion of CLS compliance ends with how CLS-compliant classes implement compliant or noncompliant interfaces.
6. The V 8 engine in the CLS 500 is a technological tour de force.
7. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of capsules for lumbago and scelalgia (CLS) was studied through animal experiments.
8. CLS: Manet was a great painter. In each of his works are stunning parts.
9. Finally, watch out for non - CLS types sneaking into an interface when you use polymorphic arguments.
10. Then any language supporting the CLS specification must be capable of using the component.
11. To accommodate CLS Bank's participation, CLS transaction processing and necessary contingency arrangements.
12. The Common Language Specification (CLS) makes it possible to create tools and components that work with multiple programming languages.
13. Objective To summarize the experience of diagnosis and treatment of breast carcinoma in situ ( CLS ).
14. They must hide your types and mirror the functionality in a CLS - compliant wrapper.
15. The bill also facilitates admission of HKD into the CLS system as a pre - condition for entry.
16. To improve the serious alkali soils in western Jilin province,(Sentencedict) the effect of the soil conditioner CLS on serious alkali soils was studied by field experiment.
17. Subsequently, based on characteristic of tool dynamical, this paper proposedfeed rate in the CLS file.
18. CLS compliance is a new twist on that least common denominator approach to interoperability. The CLS specification is a subset of operations that every language must support.
19. This paper introduces the fundamentals of the surface decoder circuit of PCMin Dresser CLS 3700.
20. The lower portion of the definition, bounded by document ... end, is used by the GDB command interpreter to display help text associated with the cls command when you type help cls.
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